Menu Plan Monday

Monday – Turkey fajitas; refried beans
Tuesday – Easy Teriyaki Chicken (recipe below); rice;
2-3 lbs skinless ckn pieces
20 oz. pineapple chunks
Dash of ground ginger
1 cup teriyaki sauce
Place ckn in slow cooker. Pour remaining ingred. over ckn. Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours; high 4-6 hours.
Making the dessert listed below for a meeting

Wednesday – AWANA – pancakes, sausage
Thursday – eating at a friend’s house
Friday – homemade pizza
(I get my bread crusts at Sam’s). This is a whole family (like extended family) favorite. There is something about this crust that makes the pizza amazing. They are called Dallas Gourmet Bakery’s Flat Bread and they are located in the fresh bread area.
We top them with tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, veggies like green peppers, onions, sometimes pineapple and Canadian bacon. Everyone who tries this at our house looks for the bread to be able to make their own.
Saturday – chili
Sunday – taco salad or leftovers

Special Dessert: Not sure what to call it other than Bowl of YUM! A friend of mine from church makes this and it is delicious.

In a trifle,
1st layer - crumble up brownie with walnuts (see note on Sam’s Club brownies, but add walnuts)
2nd layer – prepared chocolate pudding (large box of instant)
3rd layer – Cool Whip (1 8 oz. carton)
4th layer – Heath bar (1/2 to 3/4 bag)
5th layer – Cool Whip (another ¼ to ½ the container)
6th and final top layer – Heath bar (1/4 bag)

By the way, I do not live very close to a Sam's I just mooch off my mother-in-law or friends to take me when I am visiting them. Here's to being a great friend! :)


Candi said...

Sounds great. The Bowl of Yum sounds especially good!! Have a great week.

Sandra said...

Great Menu, thanks for sharing :)

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