It Really Does Work. . .the Good Job Jar

A few months ago we were struggling with how to keep our kids motivated and to get tasks done around the house without having to nag them. Well, we have been trying out the Good Job Jar since February and it really, really works. The kids have had a regular "income" streaming in and it has incredibly motivated them to do all sorts of things, including having a good attitude. On Monday, I gave Hansel a list and he got three pennies (which equates to .30 cents) for each thing that he did.

  • Read a book (don't normally pay them for reading. . .it just happened this once . . .I promise!)
  • empty dishwasher
  • 5 minute clean up on room
  • empty all the trash in the house and take it out
There is a note at the bottom of the list that says whining = losing a penny

It works, seriously. . . I don't like to nag and this really helps with nagging. I give my six year old equivalent chores as well and it works for her too. I hope this works for you. My kids have decorated their jars different ways at different points and this is a great way for them to take ownership and control over their jar.

Let me know if you try it and if it works for you. Make sure to check out Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more amazing tips and tricks for your family. Have a great day.

Menu Plan Monday

I am so thankful for the post that lures me in each week and forces me to concentrate on planning. What would I do without a post on what we are going to have for dinner each week? I would starve or wander around aimlessly asking "what's for dinner?"!!! We would starve!

Monday - chicken legs that are calling me from the fridge; they are not pretty legs, but they are defrosted and have to be cooked

Tuesday - Sorry, mi familia. . .more bratwurst. I got a great deal at Kroger the other day so we are going to have it till the cows come home. Add some French Fries and voila. . . a meal and a deal.

Wednesday - Crunchy Baked Chicken, (the only difference in the chicken I cook and this is that I use Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix instead of Ranch), the only thing I know is I am going to try these crash, hot potatoes because she did such a fabulous job describing them. . .oh my word, crescent rolls, green beans or salad

Thursday - spaghetti = boring but my hubs does not care and my Hansel LOVES spaghetti so there you go . . .now it = winner!

Friday - Tuesday - in Branson family reunioning!!

This week I made blackberry cobbler with fresh blackberries from the Farmer's Market. This recipe closely resembled mine except I patted out little cobbles on the top instead of fancy lattice.

As always, you can click on my link on the sidebar for weeks and weeks worth of menus. I love simple, fast and semi-healthy cooking. :)

The Lord and the Mower and the Milk

Most college students keep themselves pretty busy and I was no exception. Momhood redefines busy, but nevertheless I was busy in a college student sort of way. Most of the quiet time I had was in the shower. For most of my college journey I had a roommate and then I got married and the quietness was different, but mainly my alone time was in the shower. I heard the Lord speak to me many times while I was in the shower. One time I was told to break up with my boyfriend and other times He just led me to pray more or to get rid of other things He saw in my life.

Well, now my life is different. . .busy as most everyones and now the Lord has to pretty much shout to talk with me over the lawn mower. Yes, the showers are shorter and not much time to socialize there with the Lord. Now He speaks to me while I mow my 3/4 of an acre. Almost every time I go out to mow I hear the Lord tell me something pretty significant (for me).

Now I am about to tell you something that I do not like to admit. . .actually several things. One is that my kids do not drink milk, we have not taken supplements and we do not drink soy milk. I have tried many different things and for one reason or another we have not stuck to any one solution to not drinking milk. Obviously, my kids do eat cheese, yogurt as well as ice cream. . .anything but just a glass of white milk.

I started trying to get to the bottom of this while mowing the lawn tonight. I believe the main reason my kids do not drink milk is because I do not drink milk. I just simply do not like it. My son had a lactose intolerance of some sort when he was little and has pretty much outgrown it, but he still does not like milk. My daughter just does not like the taste. I really think a lot of it has to do with me and how I have perceived it and presented or have not presented it to my family.

Then I began thinking about how many other things besides milk I have done this with. What other things have I not given to my kids because I don't like it. . .other than food. Have I memorized Scripture with my kids. . .no because I don't do that. No, this is not a guilt ridden message. . .it is a wake up call to think of things that I have a bad attitude or a funky taste in my mouth about so that I can be proactive to teach my kids differently. I want to find the things like milk that I do not like or things that I do not regularly offer to my kids and teach them that those things are ok and actually good for you.

So what things do I need to teach my kids that I do not do? First of all, I cannot expect them to do things that I do not do. . .so modeling should be my goal.
  • to drink milk. . .I think I might buy us some chocolate milk this week at the grocery store. . .that's better than nothing, right? I might even have a glass or two with them. I am going to make milk my reminder that I am exposing my kids to more things that are good for you and that they need to learn to like
  • to stop complaining about things and be more positive. . .I want Gretel to especially learn this
  • I posted about this last week, but to take time to relax and have fun. They are not going to have fun with their kids if I do not take the time to have fun with them now.
This is all I have in me right now. So tell me, what are the things that you need to teach your kids? What do you need to model to get them to be excited? What do you struggle with making yourself do as a mom that you need to teach your kids?