And We're Still Here

We are so exhausted, but we want to stay to see The Illuminations here at Epcot. We got here at around 8:00 this morning. Just so you know our family does not do anything half way. :)

Tomorrow may come too early.:). Enough whining for me though. Gretel was doing that when we were visiting "Germany" today and we called her our little "whineyschnitzel.".

Last of the Disney updates coming tomorrow. I promise and then I will not be standing in line blogging anymore. I will be cleaning out closets and doing laundry. That's not blog worthy! :)

Fun with a capital F!

Prince Charming and I are enjoying watching all of our hard earned money being spent at Disney. It has definitely been a great family bonding experience.

You can absolutely have fun doing many other inexpensive things, but now I feel like I know what people are talking about when they talk about Disney.

We looked at a lot of options before we decided, but the Big Kahoona (Prince Charming) made the final call.

We have one more day. Tomorrow we are visiting Hollywood Studios. I am excited about going home though because I have one more week off. Now if I can only hire Cinderella or even Goofy to come back and clean the house for me. I AM in a fairyland!


Ready or not here we come!

I Phone Recovery Miracle

A guy answered Prince Charming's phone this morning. When he answered he said it was his phone. I talked with him all day and until he showed up at our hotel this afternoon I was not sure he was coming. Isn't that amazing that this guy went out of his way to get it back to us. Thank you Lord for the I Phone Miracle!

I phone tragedy

Prince Charming after he realized he lost his phone :(