Super Bowl Double Dipping Warning

According to Wikipedia the definition of Double dipping is as follows. . ."Double-dipping can refer to an offense derived from the unsanitary practice of placing food back into a communal bowl after it has touched a person's hands and/or mouth, i.e. dipping a carrot stick in vegetable dip, biting it, and dipping the remaining piece of carrot back into the communal dip. This causes the communal bowl to become contaminated by whatever was in the person's mouth, making it communicable to anyone who uses the bowl afterward."

I did add the bold and italics because I was shouting at that point.

To me, double dipping is one of the ugliest offenses out there. When I got married and had kids I realized there were a couple of other attacks on my Sanitary List of No-No's that were pretty high up on the list. Unfortunately, for my sanitary practices and fortunately, for my character building, double dipping is not a federal offense to the rest of my family.

This post stands as a warning and reminder to those who are teachable. My father-in-law forwarded the following article to me because he knows how important my stance is on "Double Dipping" in which he was caught "in the act" this past weekend. He must be filling the weight of his sin! You ask, is this really worth blogging about? Well, read for yourself how "Bad" double dipping can be. Are you interested in kissing everyone in the room that you are double dipping with? Hmmm. . .something to ponder. Check out the article link.

Sea-Monkey Sadness Strikes Again

Does anyone know how to clean up Sea-Monkeys off of an upholstered couch?

Tragic. . .so tragic that my son was looking for wet paws on the cats to see who committed the crime. Hansel and I walked in after taking Gretel to school and saw a puddle on the floor. I quickly deduced either cat pee pee or a spilled cup. . .either caused by cat naughtiness! Nope, neither one, our poor Sea-Monkeys had been washed ashore onto the back of the couch. Our minute pets had no hope of making it once again in my home.

Yes, I said once again. When I around the age of seven I had my very own Sea-Monkeys. You see, I was trying to keep up the Sea-Monkey tradition with my daughter, but not the part where they depart! My Sea-Monkeys developed some kind of cancerous growth and died quickly. My seven year old brain wanted justice so I wrote the Sea Monkey company a quick letter.

Dear Whom This May Concern,

My poor sea monkeys died. I would really like for you to replace my sea monkeys or give me my money back.


What did the company do. . .they wrote me back. They expressed their sympathy by returning the comment "I am sorry that your poor Sea-Monkeys died." and there they were. . . a replacement pack.

So I in keeping with tradition, I expressed my remorse to my daughter and offered her a replacement pack.

Easy W-2 Organization

I am so enamored with all of my prize give-away comments that I totally forgot today is Works for me Wednesday.

I have been thinking about how clever I am for the past few weeks though. You see, every year we have this issue. Actually, we have lots of issues every year, but never mind that. Anyway, my hubs always always always does our taxes. . . no matter how complicated they seem to be. If he were to suddenly disappear, Lord forbid be taken to Heaven. . .just so you know honey, we will hire out!

Anyway, again there is this deep strain in our marriage. I want the taxes done. . .ie money! But he has the same problem every year of finding the tax information that we have been receiving in the mail for the last month. This year I had the foresight to put an envelope on my desk of all of our 2007 W-2 and tax information. Now, aren't I clever. No excuses this year honey! It is all by the desk waiting for your magic tax wand! :) Love you! Hope this works for you, not necessarily this year, but for many years to come.

Sonic Card Give-Away Fun

Ok, I have been sitting here for two days reading all of the comments that you sweet ladies and I think I saw one guy :) have left about your favorite Sonic drink. Guess what I have thought about for two days straight!? McDonalds you say? No, they have the nastiest drinks (in my opinion.)

You guessed it, Sonic! So that is where we went after school today. I told the kids it was a reward for their hard school work. Do you see the sheepish grin on my face? That was part of it, I promise!

I think this give-away is going to cost more than I expected. As you read through the comments, look at all of those fun drinks that we need to try! And for you poor souls that have never even visited Sonic, I hope you win and if you don't try it out anyway! Just stick with the drinks that we have in the comment section and you can't go wrong.

I am dying to try the chocolate coke that several of you have mentioned. That sounds like a deadly combination! Yum.

Bloggy Give-Away-$15 Sonic Card

As I reading over the basic instructions for this bloggy give-away, Shannon said to give away something that is reflective of me. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you a Sonic Card is reflective of me. We visit at least once a week for the very minimal drink during Happy Hour. We have "Happy Hour" in our town every day from 2-4 pm.

Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite Sonic drink is and you might be the lucky one to win a $15.00 gift card from Sonic. Imagine how many drinks that will get you as you are out running errands, picking up kids from school and the millions of other activities you will be participating in over the next month or so.

I will do a drawing Sunday, February 3rd. I will have the winner on my site as well as Rocks in my Dryer's winner announcements. Make sure to stop in at Rocks In My Dryer Bloggy Give-Aways and check out all of the other give-aways. You will not believe the amazing Bloggy Love going on around there. Happy Commenting.

Note: This give-away is for those who have a blog, as well as, those who do not!!!

UPDATE: This Give-Away is closed and Helene from The Sun-Kissed Home has taken the prize! Congratulations and thank you everyone who participated!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday – Turkey fajitas; refried beans
Tuesday – Easy Teriyaki Chicken (recipe below); rice;
2-3 lbs skinless ckn pieces
20 oz. pineapple chunks
Dash of ground ginger
1 cup teriyaki sauce
Place ckn in slow cooker. Pour remaining ingred. over ckn. Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours; high 4-6 hours.
Making the dessert listed below for a meeting

Wednesday – AWANA – pancakes, sausage
Thursday – eating at a friend’s house
Friday – homemade pizza
(I get my bread crusts at Sam’s). This is a whole family (like extended family) favorite. There is something about this crust that makes the pizza amazing. They are called Dallas Gourmet Bakery’s Flat Bread and they are located in the fresh bread area.
We top them with tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, veggies like green peppers, onions, sometimes pineapple and Canadian bacon. Everyone who tries this at our house looks for the bread to be able to make their own.
Saturday – chili
Sunday – taco salad or leftovers

Special Dessert: Not sure what to call it other than Bowl of YUM! A friend of mine from church makes this and it is delicious.

In a trifle,
1st layer - crumble up brownie with walnuts (see note on Sam’s Club brownies, but add walnuts)
2nd layer – prepared chocolate pudding (large box of instant)
3rd layer – Cool Whip (1 8 oz. carton)
4th layer – Heath bar (1/2 to 3/4 bag)
5th layer – Cool Whip (another ¼ to ½ the container)
6th and final top layer – Heath bar (1/4 bag)

By the way, I do not live very close to a Sam's I just mooch off my mother-in-law or friends to take me when I am visiting them. Here's to being a great friend! :)