My Etsy Shop Experience

My Etsy Shop is finally up. I have had a lot of people ask me questions about Etsy since I started talking about it. Etsy is a place where all types of artists display/sell their crafties. There are so many things on Etsy and many of them are amazing. You would not believe the talent in this world. It is similar to ebay minus the fact that you cannot bid on an item and the items are all handmade.

When I thought about pursuing this Etsy experience I literally thought that I would craft some jewels, click some pics and pop them online. No, just in case you are wondering what all is entailed, it is not like that at all. It takes a lot of research and time. I read somewhere that it is not for the faint of heart and I do believe that.

Look at me, all I have is two items for sale and that was probably 30 man hours. My biggest obstacle has been my camera. It takes horrible pictures. It was a purchase that I was forced into when my last camera went kapput. I have read and read and done everything I can think of. Tomorrow I am going to a friend's house who is a photographer who can "shed some light" on this dilemma. No pun intended or maybe just a little one. :)

I have learned lots of terms: lightbox, white balance, macro and delete delete delete!!!

The other obstacles that I have faced are pricing, shipping and handling including setting up a paypal merchant account, as well as jewelry terms. Girls, I just buy a bunch of beads, some wire and start stringing them! I have had to go back and figure out what I have been using. This is really wild stuff. I am hoping to at least make enough to get my time back! :)

No, really the entrepreneurial wild woman in me is
having the time of her life. The perks is that you get to think of creative displays and get to do your hobby and call it, "WORK." Waaaaahhh! :) Really, honey, I can't cook right now. . .I am working ;)


What do you dread doing and you put it off until the last possible minute? Mine is dealing with the outside world. . .mainly government agencies. Isn't that awful? I really did not realize what a phobia I had of government agencies until I put this post together, but I really do. Yesterday was the most amazing day. There were several things on my to do list and I took them head on like a bull in a rodeo. I was proud of myself and I think my kids think I am a bit crazy.

My To Do List:
  • Mailing UPS package: The hours for sending UPS packages are 8-9 am and 4:00 - 6:00 pm. That's it! There are no other times the darn place is open. Can you believe it?
  • Getting New Drivers License after having lived here (in a new state) over 2 years!!!!!
  • Going to the Post Office to mail several packages
  • Going to the grocery store with my kids (and I use very specific coupons)
These are pit stops along the way:
I had to send two huge packages through UPS and the UPS lady was actually helpful and she said that my options were the following. If you have a phobia like I do, here are your UPS options.
  1. They can pick up your package for a PRICE.
  2. You can take it your UPS Store between the slivers of time that they are open.
  3. The final option is to flag down a UPS driver and hand it to them.
You would not believe who I got behind (with my packages not taped, but my labels available in my car). Yes, I was screaming and raving and my kids were like, "What is it?" I said,"God loves me, there is a UPS driver right there." I squealed tires pulling into the bank parking lot and showed the guy my untaped packages and HE TOOK THEM FROM ME!

Mailing UPS package: The hours for sending UPS packages are 8-9 am and 4:00 - 6:00 pm. That's it there are no other times the darn place is open. Can you believe it?

I went into the Revenue office and I thought God had abandoned me for a short moment. After having to order my lost marriage license I thought I was cocky walking in with all of my paperwork all neatly folded. Nope. . .I could not find my birth certificate or passport. I had been carrying around my passport because I thought if the police pulled me over even though I had the wrong state on my license they would still be nice to me since they knew I was a US citizen. My logic is quite irrational when I put it on the screen, but hey I didn't need that passport because I remembered it just in the nick of time when I was about to give up and walk out on the drivers license.

I was so giddy at having found all of my documentation that I decided to donate my organs and register to vote!!! Yay! I even asked for a discount since I did all of that, but apparently there is no discount for such noble things! That's a shame.

Getting New Drivers License after having lived here (in a new state) over 2 years!!!!!

I was having such a hunky dory time after those two things I thought I would press my luck. No Whammies! I ramped the side of the Post Office Parking lot only to see a bazilion cars. Ugh! My blessings have just run out. I get out walk into the Post Office and no one and I mean no one was in there . . . just two jolly postal workers smiling at me. God does have a plan for my life!!

Going to the Post Office to mail several packages

Ok, the last dreaded, groaned about chore. Before I could do it. . .I had to gear up with some high energy, low fat Sonic food. I treated my kids to take the whineys away. It didn't work. . .my luck stopped there. They asked for everything in the store and were only successful on about three of the, "ok, just get it's."

My dreaded tasks are finally over. I do not have to fear being pulled over anymore other than the ticket I get for high speeds or going down one way roads that I might incur. Other than that, I am bracing myself for the next government agency encounter. I have zapped a little of the fear and dread though having one good experience after another.

Thoughts Everywhere!

Today, I have been all over the place with my thoughts so I thought I would track them on my blog. Stick with me here. . .

Woke up thinking about hub's XBox/Rock Band/Guitar Hero Birthday Party last night. Did he have fun? Was he really surprised? Did they keep my friend up all night who volunteered her home for the all guy party?

I found out he had a great time and yes he really was surprised. I finally pulled it off after 10 years of being married to the sneakiest man on earth. Yay!

My thoughts slowly went to the condition of the house as well as of my heart. Both in shambles. I have not done much to the house except make it worse, but I did do my devotions this morning. By the way, I have changed the way I say the time spent with God from "Quiet Time" to "Devotions" because although it is by no means quiet at my house I am still quite devoted to Him! :) He assured me that although I am not 100% loyal to Him He is still my Jehovah-nissi (banner) and His banner over me is love.

Through my devotions, I decided my in-laws sign business is definitely biblical because they make banners! :) Yes, a random, but amusing thought.

I moved on to my work thoughts. I have been working (telecommuting) with a ministry for several years and have discovered that my position with one of the metros (not my whole job) is indeed about to come to an end. My boss assured me that it was not something that I have done/not done it is more about having someone local vs. telecommuting.

Obviously, my thoughts are all over the charts with this. I absolutely want what is best for the ministry because this is something that God is doing a great work in and I want what is best for the ministry as well as my own life. Just like your kids. . .you just want what is best for them even if it means a little heartache along the way.

So, I have been trying to decide what the Lord wants from me in my work. Whatever it is Lord, have Your way in me. I have decided to get my teaching license renewed through either taking the Praxis or a couple of courses at a local college this year. Either way, I am looking at a year to decide the correct course of action. I have been thinking for awhile that I need to get my teaching license back regardless if I go back to teaching or not. I just think it is safe to have it close just in case something happens. After all, it is a shame to have a degree and not be able to use it if need be.

I have another post floating around in my brain but I don't have the umph to construct it. More to come though!

Love you and hope you are having a great week!

Menu Plan Monday

Are anyone else's kids on summer break making them a little loony? This is especially not a good sign since I am home schooling both of them this year.

Monday - hot dogs and watermelon :( Not much of a menu, but hey it's food. . .well sort of
Tuesday - Happy Birthday To You! Special birthday dinner for hubs;
No Hints and I will not be able to reveal what I make until after dinner besides hotdogs on Monday always make you appreciate anything you get during the week!
Wednesday - eggs, cheese and Canadian bacon with English Muffins
Thursday - We did not get to try the Sweet and Sour Chicken Packets on the grill; I will serve rice with this and maybe some egg rolls
Friday - Ladies Night at church; eating at yummy restaurant in town; family on your own
Saturday - Small Group Olympics Party; Need to bring something from a different country that is represented at the Olympics. . .does anyone have any ideas?
Sunday - Taco Salad

Recipe Update:
Last week I made the most awesome potato soup. I guess I cannot really say that I made it because my Prince Charming helped, but I take credit since I found the recipe. It really was good and you should definitely try it if you like that kind of thing. I made cornbread and salad to go with it.

Jewelry Give-away Winner!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-08-04 00:04:27 UTC

Carol, from Sheep to the Right as well as Internet Cafe Devotions' blogs, you are the winner of my handmade jewels. I hope you just love it and will tell all of your friends about my up and coming Etsy shop.

Thank you to all who entered my give-away. If you stuck with me through the carnival because you like my blog, welcome aboard! I hope you will comment often and enlighten us with your thoughts. I often post my menu, a Work's for me Wednesday idea, some exercise updates and something spiritual that the Lord is doing with me.

Also, thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging comments about my jewelry. . .especially from the jewelry piercing lady (STAN. . .stay off my blog :))!!! Truly, I do thank you for your encouragement in the gifts God has given me and I pray that He will use it to His glory.

Several hopefully great posts coming up this week including. . ."The Unopened Invitation". Check back to see what this is all about.

Much Love,