Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday is the second day of the week following Monday. The name comes from Middle English Twisday, from Old English Tiwes dæg, named after the Nordic god Tyr, who was the equivalent of the Roman war god Mars.

But to my kids, Tuesday means fun at the local Baptist church in town and to the "Mickey Mouse" pool we go!!

One day!!!! after we got back from our vacation and moving toward "normalcy in our home" my kids were going bananas and I was searching the paper to find anything and everything to sign my kids up for. Now, you moms have experienced these summer battles and blues before and were smart enough to have your kids already signed up for stuff. But not this mom, I was going to do fun "crafty" things all summer and we were going to continue our schooling :) Yes, for one day!!! and I bought a coloring book at Cracker Barrel that has all of the states in it to prove it. They get to color one page a day and that concludes school for the day! :)

I have enjoyed one Terrific Tuesday and I hope to enjoy many many more this summer. Thank God for the local Baptist church and the Mickey Mouse pool!!

Finds in Destin

Find #1 - Fun times and Memory Making

Find #2 - A portugese man-of-war

Find #3 - beautiful sunsets

Destin was really fun. Vacation #1 for the summer.

Ok, I know you are wondering what the second picture is. Abby Kaye and I were on the beach looking for last minute sea-shells to bring home. It was evening and the winds were pretty wild throughout the week and especially while we were walking. We saw something blue lying in the sand in front of us. Being the wise mom that I am, I thought it was a jelly fish so I threw it in our bag that we were collecting sea shells in. We showed it to several people on the beach on our way back. One guy said that it looked just like what had stung his nephew earlier because it was blue and it stung like a bee. I went home thinking it was an interesting looking jelly fish. Abby Kaye and I "googled" it for quite awhile until we found what it finally looked like-just like the portugese man-of-war that I have linked to. Apparently, this would be a rare find in Destin and they are extremely poisonous and dangerous for up to two weeks after their death. My mom made me quadruple wrap it in a bag and I took a picture of it in the bag. I was so sad because I wrapped it to bring home (who knows to do what with, maybe dissect it!!) and it lost it's color and legs :(

Anyway, that was a rare find as well as the beautiful sunsets. Hopefully, the fun times and memory making will not be as rare this summer.