A Camping We Went!

It was great! I don't think I mentioned this before in my post, but I really have always disliked camping. When I was a little girl I had a terrible camping experience. My mom and dad took me "camping" in the middle of the woods. My dad is a ruthless camper. He believed in really "ruffin'" it! It wasn't at a nice little camp site where we take our kids, but it was in the deep woods where there were no state park bathrooms. I honestly don't remember much of the time that we had there, but what I do remember scarred me for life. We had the lantern lit and on the ground of the tent and I woke up in the middle of the night. All I remember seeing are the shadows of these big ugly Granddaddy Long Legs all over the tent. There were so many of them they were heaped and piled on top of each other so it made more legs than there normal eight. Naturally, they were attracted to the light. It was so gross. I remember trying to get out of the tent the next morning and they were still all over the place. I never again went camping until John Mark and I married. He obviously did not have the same feelings about camping that I did.

Since we have been married (in almost nine years) we have gone camping two times in a tent and one time in a pop-up camper when I was about seven months pregnant in the hot summer with Abby Kaye. I will save that story for another post! :) Anyway, I decided on this last camping trip that we needed to go camping at least once a month. It was so good for us as a family. We set up the tent, cooked dinner, ate s'mores , and then read a book by tent light. The next day we loaded up the camp site, played at the park, and then headed to Mountain View to go to Blanchard Springs Caverns.

It was really more fun than we deserve to have. The kids had a really good time and we feel blessed to be parents of such great kids.

A Camping We Go!

Ok, this has got to be short, but I wanted to ask for deep intercessory prayer! We are going camping. This is after Tuesday I had severe neck problems and after yesterday and even into last night John Mark having a very yucky stomach bug. We are not sure that we should do this, but we are going anyway. Pray that we do not share the stomach bug in the tent! I do not like camping, this is totally for my kids!!!!! I thought I would ck online for a quick camping list to see what we should bring and make sure that we do not forget the essentials so I have uploaded the site for you to check out if you decide to go camping anytime soon. Will update when we get back. Have a fabulous day.