Because I Promised Michael W. Smith I Would!

Yeah, Michael and I go way back. . .back to couple weeks ago when he let me try out his new CD for free!!! I have listened to a lot of his music before, but this takes the cake. It is beautiful! We listened to it at our gift wrapping day at our church. We listened to in the car on the way to mini-Las Vegas! It is beautiful. If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone who appreciates good Christmas music, then this would be a sure bet for them. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to put his click through option on because of my lame beginner skills so here is the link to his website where you can actually listen to the CD.

Talking Time Out

When we lived in Dallas we had a 45 minute commute to school twice a week for our kids. We carpooled with another family and so you can imagine that somewhere in that hour and a half there would be some sort of strife.

The bad thing about driving in the car is that when you have any kind of disobedience from your kids you either have to lean over the seat and give them a good talking to or you have to say, "You better hope that we don't have to pull this car over." You can't really put them in their "time out seat." They're already there! There are just not a lot of ways to discipline without having to take desperate measures.

My husband was kind of irritated with the kids for their bickering so he invented "Talking Time Out." Time out has always worked to some degree with our kids, especially our son who is very rule abiding. But this really worked. Basically, when they are bickering or using course language in the car they get "talking time out" for however many minutes we determine.

Let me tell you this has redirected our kids more times in the car and made riding with them much more enjoyable. So for those long holiday trips, try "talking time out" to help make great positive memories!!

It works for our family! Is there anything else that you have found to keep car rides sane? Leave a comment and share! To find out more great holiday ideas, check out Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.

Another Great Gift Idea

if I do say so myself!

I was visiting someone else's blog and she mentioned the sprinkles and cookie cutters. . .sorry I forgot who it was or I would link back to you. It gave me the idea to do Santa cookies for some of my friends and family.

The kit includes cookie mix, icing, sprinkles and Christmas Cookie Cutters. I am going to give them this sack of goodies so that they can make family memories and leave Santa some cookies on Christmas Eve. I might write a little poem or something to go with it if I get creative! I will update this post if that happens!

Do you think that they will like this, in lieu of making them cookies, or another gift? I would love to get your feedback on other gift ideas for friends and family! Just leave your link or comment below!

100th Post!! - Once Again Menu Plan Monday

Yeah, it is my 100th post! So I am celebrating by making something really yummy for my friends tonight! Lucky friends of mine.

Monday - Small Group Night; guys taking kids to Micky D's and girls to make jewelry together! :) I am going to make Starbucks Peppermint Brownies; they'll love me tonight, but not tomorrow when we are at the gym :)
Tuesday - Breakfast for Supper; Sausage Egg and Cheese Casserole, biscuits and fruit
Wednesday - Slow Cook Thai Chicken and Rice
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas
Friday - Roast, carrots and potatoes
Saturday - bratwurst, french fries and sauerkraut (Celebrating Germany and France :))
Sunday- leftovers

Baking To Do's:
Finish off baking for neighbors and friends presents. Wrap and deliver!