I'm Hot!

Today, I woke up and looked at the weather and I knew I was in trouble. Yeah, the headline read that it was going to be "a scorcher" of a day. The humidity was way high and no one broke any records today on running. I have been training for a four mile race and today was the day of the race. Let's just say that I did not come in first, but I was out there running and that's all that matters to me.

My awesome partner-in-crime, Shanna, beat me again. Little booger! This has been such an awesome accomplishment since I have been exercising consistently since December 10th! I have never been much on exercise and really never big on running. Let's just say I was more cut out for "the track manager position" in high school. The #1 thing that has kept me motivated: a friend to exercise with. That's it. . .the key to sticking with it. . . a friend to run the race with!

Clappy Shoes Closet

Grand Opening Coming Soon to a blog near you! Yes, that is right. I thought about it for 30 whole seconds before I decided to plunge forward. I have told a lot of my friends about Etsy for awhile and no one would open a store so I figured if I like it so much why don't I do it myself!

I am currently screaming at my camera because it takes terrible shots of my cute jewels. Right before I went to the beach I had to buy a new one and let me tell you my old flame was so much better to me. I cannot stand this new one, but we are warming up to one another. I decided to read the instruction manual. You would think I was a guy the way I hate reading those things. Either way, my Etsy shop will be opening in the next couple of days and yes it is called ClappyShoesCloset. Oh my word, is that not the cutest name ever!?? :)

Ok, you convinced me!

After only 14 or so comments and many of them positive about my jewelry I am going to sell on Etsy. I have to tell you a little story though, so brace yourself.

Many of you know this story if you are a personal friend of mine. Not to exclude all of my cyber friends, but my friends that are around me hear my antics all of the time.

When I was a little girl (in my pretend world), my name was Stephanie Fox (I was related to Michael J Fox and I had a best friend named Stephanie). From 1st grade on I had wild entrepreneurial dreams. When I was in 1st grade I found some clay behind our home and shaped it and molded it into ash trays. I then went door to door selling my ash trays for $1. Many people bought them much to my mom's dismay.

Ok, it just gets better. When I was fourth grade I was a copyrighters nightmare where I sold Bon Jovi lyrics on the school bus for .25 cents. I made copies at the store for .10 (that is a .15 cent profit :))and then sold them until I was busted by someone who had gone to a concert and said that my lyrics were wrong. Short lived career, but a start nonetheless.

From fourth grade to sixth grade I had my pretend business world. My stores were carefully listed on paper. I was the CEO and founder of many stores including The Cubby Hole, Carpet and Carpet Inc, Mini Mart and Trailer Accessories, Inc.. I made a list of supplies that I sold, quantities and prices. I played pretend all day on a phone (made out of an Atari accessory). I wrote out scripts for my commercials that advertised my stores. I was the boss and everyone had to answer to me.

So all this to say, I have a really strong desire to have my own business. With the stage of life that I am in which includes: mom of two, working part time for a ministry, wife to a pastor, and the CEO of my home I do not have time, energy or money to start up my own business right now. But.... I do have time for hobbies like jewelry making in which I can sell my creations on Etsy.

I have a real fear that no one will buy my stuff, that my beautiful lovelies will break in someone's hands, and that I will make a mistake in signing up on etsy with a username that I cannot change and that I did not like (ok, that was reality, not a fear).

My fears are real, but my God knows the desires that I have. He says that He will supply all of my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. I cover this little Etsy shop in love, excitement, prayer and if you ever buy something from me and it breaks send all of your complaints to stephaniefox@*****.com.

Much Love to my real and cyber friends,P.S. My desire is to put my Etsy shop on my sidebar and my real hope is to have some really nice inexpensive pieces for you to buy for friends and family for Christmas. So make sure to subscribe or bookmark Clappy Shoes so you will stay tuned in to all of the upcoming details.

By the way, this will not become a jewelry blog, but just a convenient way to provide exposure. More news to come when I figure out how to set up my etsy shop with the shop name that I actually like.

A Little Late but Nonetheless

I am a little late for the Bloggy Carnival, but nonetheless I have an excellent and beautiful prize for you. I have been perfecting my jewelry making skills and am considering even selling some on etsy. . .only if I have a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement! :) Please feel free to tell me if you think that I ought to stick with my day job. You know. . .talking on the phone and sweeping. :)

So here she blows. What I want you to do is very simple. . .tell me what outfit you will wear with your new jewelry.
These are two pics of the same jewelry. I have had a lot of positive feedback on my jewelry and I hope that you love it as well. So comment away on your cute outfits.

This set has several different colors and bead shapes. Both pieces are primarily made up of sea blue glass beads, silver rondelles and faux white pearls with a heart shaped clasp. The earrings have a tad bit of antiqued silver and are on lever back earring wires. Both the earrings and bracelet will come in the mail to you next week. They would make a great gift for someone or a fun new accessory for you! Hope you win!!

For more great give-aways and I mean a lot more. . .visit Chiliheads Bloggy Give-aways asap!!

Also, I have updated my blog with more details on an etsy shop. . .please read this post if you are interested in the future of my creations.

Love Always,

Planting Fun

What is that growing on my pool trellis? (Please ignore the garden that has not been weeded!) GREEN BEANS! If you need something fruitful to grow like a vine. . .plant some green beans. The fun thing is that when we are swimming and we get hungry . . .there you go, a fun snack! :)This was a fun project from something I saw last summer on a farm. I made the little table from a broken fountain. I made a really bad mosaic on the top. Two chairs with flowers growing from the little mesh containers. A broken gate with a fun sign hanging. I bought the little pails at Wal Mart and planted the sweet potato vine which grows like crazy here in Arkansas.
This was my really really fun project. I guess you can figure it out. . .but this is what you do. You get a big planter and turn in upside down. Get a large round bowl and put a smaller clay planter and turn it upside down in the larger round bowl. Fill the round bowl with potting soil, flowers and greenery. Put a clay dish on top and fill it with candles or use it as a bird bath. I saw this in several magazines and I just had to make it.

Menu Plan Monday- July 28th

Day One - I have all of the ingredients for this Crockpot Thai Chicken that organizing junkie made- I made this earlier in the year and I really liked it. . . my kids were not too fond but they ate it! So there you have it.
Day Two - I have a lot of potatoes that need to be eaten so we will have Cheesiest Potato Soup; It is kind of hot for this but it's all for the sake of the budget :)
Day Three - French Toast and bacon
Day Four - Chicken Caesar Salad
Day Five - Carbin' Up with Spaghetti and French Bread for my race
Day Six - My Four Mile Classic Run- pray for me because I have shin splints and I have worked so hard to this point; pray that they will not prohibit me from doing my best; I love this recipe idea that I got off of Three Ladies and a Dad blog; grilled Sweet and Sour Chicken Packets; I will make some rice to go on the side
Day Seven - We usually have leftovers or cheese quesadillas or some kind of taco salad; I have not been buying hamburger meat lately because it is too expensive and kind of on the do not eat list! :(

Looks like it is going to be a great food week! :) I made this awesome banana walnut loaf earlier in the week as well. I made it in my Pampered Chef Four Mini Loaf Pan and we have had a loaf a day. I love it.

Banana Walnut Bread
2 cups sifted flour
1 tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup margarine
3/4 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
3-4 mashed bananas

Measure and sift together flour, soda and salt. Set aside. Cream margarine and add sugar. Cream this. Add eggs and vanilla. Add bananas. Fold in dry ingredients. Place in well greased loaf pan. Bake 325 for 55 - 60 minutes (less if you use mini loaf pan). Test with toothpick.

Enjoy and have a great menu planned week!