Third Grade Here We Come

Choo Choo! Chugga. . . .Chugga. . . . Choo Choo! Notice the slowing sound toward the end. I can see the light. Yes, I think it is getting closer and closer. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We finished second grade math today. . . and I mean we finished it!!!! The closer we got, the harder it got. Way crazy stuff the kid has to learn. Anyway, we're done, finished and we ain't going back. Can you tell I am done? We are 2 weeks away from being done with 2nd grade work.

I am so done. We all cried yesterday except Prince Charming. Two of the four of us got spankings and one grown up momma needed one. As I finished grading Hansel's math semester test we yelled our heads off and jumped for joy. We had a little sangin' and dancin' show!

We have been through this

and this

and here is that sample of work that I promised in the last post. :)

We are concluding with this. The time that I have been able to spend with this dude has been irreplaceable. . .through the good and the bad. . . we made it!!

Menu Plan Monday - April 14th

It's that time again. We just re-established our "Total Money Make-over" budget by Dave Ramsey and I am a little nervous.

Yikes! So, most of this stuff I have in the fridge or pantry already. We are talking no credit card using girls (even though we pay them off every month I tend to spend more when I use them)

. . .things are getting serious around here. We need some major prayers! :)

Monday - pizza from last week that we did not get to; very yummy looking but takes a little prep time to get the bread all of the way cooked
Tuesday - pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy and YEAH BABY - biscuits. . . obviously this is the dinner of champions and an ole Southern gal.
Wednesday - Pork Egg Rolls, Fried Rice, Egg Drop Soup
Thursday - 5 for 5 at Arby's (we usually get 10) or Subway $5 Footlong Subs (probably get 2) and Chips that I bring along
Friday - Moochin off the In-laws and having fun
Saturday - If we get home in time for dinner; Pancakes and bacon and fruit to balance out the cholesterol levels :)
Sunday - Wonton Taco Salads- isn't that adorable if food can be adorable! Thanks for the tip, "What's for Dinner!!!!" :)