Third Grade Here We Come

Choo Choo! Chugga. . . .Chugga. . . . Choo Choo! Notice the slowing sound toward the end. I can see the light. Yes, I think it is getting closer and closer. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We finished second grade math today. . . and I mean we finished it!!!! The closer we got, the harder it got. Way crazy stuff the kid has to learn. Anyway, we're done, finished and we ain't going back. Can you tell I am done? We are 2 weeks away from being done with 2nd grade work.

I am so done. We all cried yesterday except Prince Charming. Two of the four of us got spankings and one grown up momma needed one. As I finished grading Hansel's math semester test we yelled our heads off and jumped for joy. We had a little sangin' and dancin' show!

We have been through this

and this

and here is that sample of work that I promised in the last post. :)

We are concluding with this. The time that I have been able to spend with this dude has been irreplaceable. . .through the good and the bad. . . we made it!!


John Mark said...

You rock!!!

Rhesa said...

How exciting! I love finishing the school year up- it is so rewarding! We are finishing our last week starting tomorrow! We will probably go somewhere to celebrate. Tessa is in 3rd this year, Fern Grace is in 1st, and Robert is in K. Miss you guys!