Menu Plan Monday - Busy Week!!

Monday - WonTon Taco Salad; had it tonight and it was really good and fairly fast-the boys did not get to eat before the 5:30 game, but I took Prince Charming some and Hansel ate a PB and J and came home to finish the won ton's off.
  • Hansel's first baseball game - did not win, but Hansel did very well and I am proud of him; pics to come. . .
  • Gretel's practice; running club
Wednesday - pancakes, bacon, strawberries (on sale at El Kroger)
  • Elder's Meeting, Awana
Thursday - 15 bean soup-I use the recipe on the back of the package and it is really good, cheap and healthy

Friday - Carbonara-the only thing I add to this is green onions and pepper; Texas toast
Carbin up for the big race

Saturday - hmmm. . .what to eat on Saturday's . . . I never feel like cooking. Maybe we can do the $5 Subway thing again this week. I pick up 2 footlongs and chips. . .there ya go!

If it is pretty out maybe we can grill something, but I will use Subway as my back-up plan.
  • running another 5K! Hoping to improve! :)
Sunday - I have some Won Ton's leftover and if they stay fresh until Sunday I will do the Won Ton Taco thing again. I did not have lettuce tonight so maybe by then I can make it a healthier meal; add veggie refried beans and it is really yummy.


Anonymous said...

YUM! The salad sounds good!

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Holly said...

I am from Texas and we eat a lot of tacos around here :) you're salads look great! thanks for linking to the recipe!