After Holidays Shopping Warning

Yesterday, I was shopping at Hobby Lobby in Little Rock and some girls engaged me in conversation about my daughter who was standing nearby, as well as some jewelry charms that I was near. One of the girls was standing beside me and the other one behind me. My purse was in the front of my cart behind me. The one standing a foot behind me took my purse and ran. I felt something happen and turned around to realize what just happened, grabbed my daughter and ran after the girls. I did not have my running shoes on or I would have caught them. . .I am sure of it!!!!! :)

Now I am not telling you all of this to make you paranoid or even frightened. I am just encouraging you to remember this so that you will be careful this holiday season.

These girls ran a scheme on me that was well planned without my knowledge. They had a guy waiting on them at the front of the store in a "get-away car." A couple of people saw them leave as well as getting everything on video. I had a lot of cash in my purse (which I promise is never the case!!!) I had my brand new camera, i phone, gift cards, drivers license, credit cards. . .pretty much everything they could have hoped for in the purse. I called the police. . .they found my purse emptied out of pretty much everything of value. The police officer offered little encouragement of finding my things. He was very kind, but just shook his head. This is a common problem around the holidays.

Please use caution as you are out shopping. I wish I would have read and heeded my own warnings before I went shopping. I hope this helps you as you are out and about.
I took this right off of the Little Rock Police Departments Website:

1) Be alert and aware of your surroundings
at all times. Knowing who and
what is around you can help you avoid
being surprised. It also allows you time
to react if something does appear suspicious.

2) Display confidence. Criminals choose
the victim who looks like the easiest target.
That choice is partially based on
their perception about your abilities to
react to an attack. If you walk with purpose,
scan the area around you, and
make casual eye contact with others,
you are displaying confidence.

3) Trust your instincts. Your body will
tell you when someone or something is
suspicious. If you have an intuitive feeling
something is wrong, do not secondguess
yourself. React immediately and
take action to reduce your risk.

4) Carry only what you need. Extra cash,
credit cards, checks, jewelry and other
items should be left at home. If it is necessary
to carry a purse, keep it in front
and close to your body. Men should
keep wallets out of back pockets where
they are easily stolen. Carry wallets in
front coat pockets or use a money clip as

5) Don’t be overburdened with packages.
Carrying several shopping bags makes
you look vulnerable. Request a store to
hold your merchandise until you are finished
with your shopping. If the store does
not offer that service, place your purchases
in the trunk of your car before you
buy additional items.

6) Shop with others. The chance of being
victimized drops dramatically when you
are with a companion. If there are three or
more people together, the chance of being
targeted for crime is 90% less than when

7) Ask for an escort. Many retailers have
security personnel. Ask for an escort to
your vehicle if you are uneasy about venturing
into the parking lot alone.

8) Be prepared. Have your keys in hand
when walking to your vehicle. The keys
can be used as a defensive weapon and
you will not waste time trying to find
them when standing outside your vehicle.
Carry a whistle, personal alarm or auto
alarm panic button. These devices will
alert those around you something is

9) Plan ahead. Choose areas to park where
lighting is good and activity is high. Valuables
in your vehicle should be kept out of
view. Be sure to lock the car at all times.
Most auto burglaries occur on cars that are
left unlocked.

I have hope in Christ that all of this will be reconciled. I woke up at 3:00 this morning still kicking myself and finding myself only hopeful in Christ Himself and His Word.

Psalm 21 encouraged my heart. 21: 11-13 Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed; for you will make them turn their backs when you aim at them with drawn bow. Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength; we will sing and praise your might.

Psalm 21: 7 For the king (David) trusts in the Lord; through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not he shaken. My Life Application Bible says that "when we trust in God we have permanence and stability. We may lose a great deal - families, jobs, material possessions-but we cannot be shaken from God's favor. he will be our foundation of solid rock. He will never leave us or desert us."

I find myself hopeful in Christ and the Lord Most High at this time. I am trusting in Him that He will make things right in Heaven and if I trust in Him He will prove Himself faithful and Good.

Up On The Rooftop. . .

I wrote this a month ago with good intentions of having a Christmas Card this year. I always have a pic and a nice card, but this year things have gone awry. Us being on top of the roof in this picture may give you an indication of why things have not gone as planned this year. :)

Enjoy my bloggy version of our family Christmas CARD! :) I apologize for the weird font problems. I think it had something to do with copy and pasting from word.

The year of 2008 will not be soon forgotten by our family. It has been our year of construction. We all have hit our fair share of nails with a hammer. The construction started in March when Prince Charming and I decided that we needed to do something about our carport that was falling in. We decided we could tear it off or just start over and make it grander. As many of our choices have been in the past to make our lives “more interesting” we decided to dive in. Prince Charming really had no prior construction experience, but as you probably know he is a pretty smart cookie and it has not taken him much time to catch on. It has been fun watching the “addition” go up. We are turning what should have just been a carport into more living space and a garage.

The second opportunity we have had to do construction together as a family blew in with “Ike.” Yes, even in Arkansas we were “Iked.” Wind gusts of 60 mile an hour swept through our yard sending a large chunk of tree through our bedroom roof at 3 am. Talk about a rude awakening! We really believe God protected us as two large trees in our front yard blew over with one missing our bed by only a few feet. The good news is that we had just finished putting up the roof on our addition so we knew exactly what to do with our new hole in the roof.

In June of 2006, God allowed Prince Charming to be pastor of a small church in Arkansas, Fellowship Bible Church. As the church has grown, we have been meeting in all kinds of little buildings across town. The Lord has laid it on the people of our church to renovate the oldest movie theatre in Arkansas (brief but not up to date history on the link) to be our new church home. This place is full of history, but only three walls are holding it up. Yet again, we are called to more construction. While we are not physically going in right now to renovate Prince Charming has had to keep the balls rolling and continually learning how to make healthy church construction decisions once again.

It seems that since the day God saved me in 1993 He has been doing construction in my heart and life. I find myself very “thankful” this year for the many opportunities to grow as a person, mom, wife and child of the King.

We are all healthy, happy and head over heels in love with the Lord. He is good, isn’t He?

Have a Merry Christmas from the Hard Hat Wearin’ Crew in Arkansas.