What I Could Do With My Extra $45 A Month

I was thinking about this post where I was able to save our family $45 a month. I got really excited about saving all of that money and I told my eight year old daughter about it. We had been discussing the fact that we only had $50 in our eating out budget left for the month and we had to be careful not to get ourselves in a bind where we had to eat out. She immediately said, "We can eat out with that extra $45!" While I was excited about that prospect too (which is one of my favorite things), I realized that was probably not the right thing to do with the money. After all, I already spend $69/month in gym membership. It seems that we have some kind of dyslexia in our world where we run ourselves crazy at the gym and then go eat 1,000 calories in Mexican food right after that. Believe me, I am guilty as charged, but there is still something a little off with that. Don't you think?

That brings me to, what should I do with the extra $45 a month. Gretel talked about it a little more and we thought we might should give it to Shirley, our church's Compassion International little girl. I thought, "Mr. Savings" is always crying for more. But what could I do that would give me "the Biggest Bang for my Buck" so to speak. Perhaps, paying more on my car loan? Perhaps investing eternally in missions. Perhaps contributing more to the incredibly huge building project for our church? There are so many things, people and events that need my monetary help. Where do I start?

I am going to ask the Lord for guidance. I hope that I can invest my money wisely instead of squandering it only to feed my flesh just a little more.

So what would you do with an extra $45 a month? Inquiring minds want to know.

Want to Save $45 a month? I Do!!

I am always looking for money saving, time saving, calorie saving in my life. I imagine most of us are. My Prince Charming and I had been seeing I Phone commercials that said the unlimited calling plan is $69.99. Hmmmm. . .I have an I phone, my I phone plan is $99.99 just for the unlimited phone calling each month. Apparently, they changed their rates and were just going to allow me to pay an extra $30.00 a month until I died or went broke. Either way is not cool.

So, I got on their website and can you believe that there it was plain as day, $69.99 unlimited local and nationwide calling. The other amazing thing is that I saw a button that said, "Change your plan." What?? I don't have to haggle with anyone to spend $30.00 less a month? I was really amazed at the AT & T website.

Then, while I was feeling really lucky, I started to look at how much I was texting a month. My highest month was 180 texts. I had unlimited texting. I know, you probably think, "what was she thinking signing up for all of that?" I had no idea how much or how little I would talk or text so I asked for the "Platinum package." :) I've had it since September and had too busy to really think or look at it. Guess what! I could go down to the cheapest texting package with my measly 180 texts a month.

All in all, I was able to save $45 a month on my I phone bill. Let's face it, I phones are expensive, but fun! If I can have fun at a lower price every month, I will take it.

The moral of the story is, start looking at your bills each month to see if you think you can save a dime here or there. I think it will be worth every dime you save!