Don't Worry About Me

The only thing I have posted this week was my menu. Does that tell you anything? I can definitely tell that we are out of the chute now!! There has been so much going on between work, home schooling the kids, church and home that I think we have gone mad. I have been exercising and eating healthier too which takes a lot of brain power to stay on target.

You see, my sister in law is getting married in a week and I have to fit into this dress. If I don't, she said that I have to wear a corset. I have to get into that dress. I am not wearing a corset.

Must go to bed. . . I am beginning to feel like I might go eat a big bowl of ice cream.


Menu Plan Monday

This is a huge birthday week for my family. My birthday is on the 5th so I expect lots of ecards! :) If you want to read something morbidly funny, read my post from last year about my birthday.

That's all I ask . . .just an ecard from my friends. Prince Charming, you are not off the hook with just an ecard though. I will post my list on the fridge or I will email it you if that is more convenient! ;) Ok, back to my menu planning.

- Roast, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot; using Marie's Easy Slow Cooker Recipe
Tuesday - BBQ sandwiches, coleslaw and beans. . .momma going to run tonight!
Happy Birthday, Brian!

Wednesday - Elders Meeting and the kids and I will chill out at home with omelets
Thursday - marinated lemon chicken, brown rice and broccoli in the steamer with shredded cheese
Happy Birthday Moms!
at my in-laws for Birthday Bashes!! We are going to have a "Cheetah Themed Party" (like the design, not the girls) at Gretel's (7 years old) request. I need to get myself together. Any ideas are welcome! I am really excited though because I have bought some fun gifts for her that I know she will LOVE.
Saturday - coming home from in-laws and probably eating there
Sunday - Happy Birthday, Gretel!! I think she would like to eat salsa all day. Still not 100% if we are doing anything outside of celebrating with family this year. I am a big birthday basher, but I think this year my limit is one per child. We will see though. I am always pulling stuff at the last minute.
We may just have a taco salad, salsa fest today! :)