Go Fly a Kite!

I am really not "telling you off," I really mean it. Go fly a kite with your kids. This is the most simple fun we have had in a long time. Easter morning the kids awoke to an Easter Basket overflowing with some candy, but mostly cheap toys. One of the cheap toys ($1.00 at Wal Mart) was a kite. Easter afternoon we had our naps then awoke to a semi-windy day where I promised the kids some family fun. We went to a local park where we set sail our kites and baseballs. It was a fabulous time with lots of photo ops.

So, the next time you are looking for some cheap thrills, grab a kite and go fly it!!! I promise you will have a blast, until at least Sponge Bob and Hello Kitty take a nose dive to the ground! Share some of your cheap thrills with me! Also, visit Rocks in My Dryer for more helpful tips including cleaning your shower as well as using up Easter Eggs.

Menu Plan Monday or Wednesday-March 26th -Better Late than Never! :)

Gretel is out of school this week and I am going to try to keep Hansel still going on his school. We need your prayers. I think Gretel may be a little distracting this week. She and her paper crafts for her bears look a lot more fun than spelling words and subtraction with regrouping.

Yesterday was quite successful as far as food is concerned. I put a roast, potatoes and carrots on overnight, turned it off and stuck it in the fridge when I woke up and put it back on when I got home from church. I made my sides while it was warming back up. I really have never done that before, but I knew that I wanted something yummy for my family to come home to. On the menu was an odd assortment but it filled our bellies and satisfied our need for an Easter lunch. We also had greek salad (we make ours with kalamata olives and pepperoncini's, crusty bread, pineapple mango salsa as well as a fruit pizza.

While Easter is a beautiful celebration of Christ and His resurrection, my pastor husband and I celebrate that we are still alive too after all of the busyness. :)

So here she blows for this week:

Monday - tonight, no small group so we can have a leisurely dinner; We will have bratwurst, french fries and pineapple/mango salsa
Tuesday - pancakes, sausage
Wednesday - White bean chicken chili/fritos/cheese/banana pudding
Thursday - helping with Bible Study at friend's home (ordering pizza?)
Friday - steak, potatoes
Saturday - 1st baseball practice and probably eating out at Sonic or something
Sunday - always taco smaco's, if not leftovers