Sick Cravings

I have a lot of sick cravings like bags and bags of chocolate covered peanut butter and mounds of chips and dip. But what I really mean is . . ..what do you crave when you are sick? Obviously, you probably do not crave much when your head is stuffed down inside the porcelain throne with stomach issues. But, when you have a run of the mill cold or even the after-effects of the flu, what do you crave?

Personally, my mom, although incredible in many other areas, was not a homemade chicken soup kind of girl. She specialized in Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Ocean Spray Cran Apple Juice. So, that's what I crave when I am sick.

This past week, my girl and I were honored guests of Mr. Flu Bug. My hubby managed to escape him and was nominated as doctor, cook and fetcher to my daughter and I while we visited with Mr. Flu. Prince Charming made many trips to El Kroger to make sure that our habitat was well equipped. While I am better, my girl still has fever and is on the mend. I wonder what she is going to crave when she is an adult and gets sick. Probably M & M's .. .just kidding, I don't feed her that when she is sick! :()

So what do you crave when you are sick? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Saving Money on Gardening

I really wanted to post on the wonders of Mucinex, Dayquil and Nyquil, but I figured you might already know about those things and they might be already working for you.

This is my newest passion that I will be delighting you with. Every year I spend a small fortune in half grown flowers. To me, part of the joy of gardening is seeing something beautiful come from an itty bitty teeny tiny seed. So with my frugal genetics (which are few and far between) combined with my need to see the seedling I decided to ring in the Spring garden a little early this year. . .INDOORS. I bought six flower seed packs that are all perennials (6.00), a Jiffy seed starter container (10.00) and a seed disperser(2.00). This bought me 72 flowers that I already planted and probably another 72 with all of the seeds that I have left. I was thinking of starting another batch after these leave the nest. :)

I want you to look carefully at the picture of the one of the peat pots. It has about 56 million plants in it. That is not what the seed disperser is supposed to do. I still have not decided if that was "user error" or not, but if you ask me it did not work properly. Only about 2-3 seeds should go in each peat pot. Go figure!

My hope is that my garden will be a Spring wonderland of color, beauty and cheap flowers! :)
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Under the Weather

I want to post but my mind is foggy. I have something. . .I think it's the flu. This is going to be my third day in bed. My tissues have taken over the house. I can't wait to feel better. Promise to post something grand when I feel better.