Regrouping Today in Every Way!

Hansel started regrouping in Math this week. He is so smart. He caught on right away. I'm always amazed at his concept of math. I assure you it has nothing to do with me. We even had an elaborate conversation at lunch about "if there were X amount of candy underneath X number of trees how much would you have and would you be able to divide that equally between you and and your sister." All of that over leftover beef!

As you can guess, and may be as well, we are "regrouping" after our Halloween adventures last night! No one wanted to get out of bed! We gave out a million pieces of candy from our church last night. Our church is located on Main Street of our historical downtown area and all of the downtown businesses hand out candy on Halloween night. We took the opportunity to join them, as well as, to invite everyone that participated in the trick or treating to a pancake breakfast that we are having on Saturday. Woah. . .if 1% of the people came who we handed out invitations to we are in trouble. What have we gotten ourselves into? I better regroup fast because more wildness is on it's way!

Honey Do List-Cabinet Organization

This is was on Prince JM's "please, please honey do list" for awhile, but when he made it we were all singing his praises. It is pretty self explanatory. I have an older home with big open cabinets that scream for organization. This really really helped!! Check out more Works for Me Wednesday posts at Rocks in My Dryer.

Update: I wanted to add my amazing hubby's comment in case you did not open the comment section. Feel free to add a comment to him telling him how cool it is that he does these great "honey do projects!" It might spur him on to do more! :)

"And I'd like to point out that it was pretty cheap and easy to make. Just used 3/4 inch and 1/4 inch plywood. Our home depot has these in convenient small sheets of 2 x 4 feet instead of the normal (and difficult to handle) size of 4 x 8 feet. The grooves hold the dividers in place. The corners are clamped and glued. The whole structure is made rigid by the backplate which I think I glued and fastened with finishing nails.

Technically, you only need a Skilsaw and sandpaper to make it, but you would have to have some sort of straightedge to make the cuts accurate enough. I'd recommend a tablesaw - that makes it much easier."

What's For Dinner?

Doesn't this look appetizing? So you know I have kind of been on a diet for like eternity a year. I was desperate craving spaghetti squash. My mom told me that this vegetable is a healthy alternative to having pasta so I thought I would give it a whirl. I called my mom to see if she could give me advice on how to cook the beast and there was no answer.

Out of ideas, I opted for the other best nurturing, thorough option. . . google! I googled "cooking spaghetti squash" and it came up with a website that said there were several great options for cooking this gaggy low carb alternative. It did say not to cook it too long or something quite eventful could happen. I do like excitement! So I popped it in the nuker for 10 minutes, came in and checked on it after the timer went off. I determined from the official spaghettti squash cooking test that it wasn't quite ready and I set it for another four minutes-plus that would give me time to finish playing with my gal. Prince JM came out to get me and said that I had a package in the microwave that the package blew the door open! Yay, I do love surprises!

The worst part of this was that my kids were pouring garlic on the squash to cover up the taste even after I baked it and added some other ingredients. Bad stuff that spaghetti squash!!

Doesn't it look like one of those play doh figures that you could squirt their hair out and give it hair cuts and stuff. Thoughts to ponder . . . until the next episode of Cooking Lite with Desiree'!

Motivated to Clean My House

I was very hesitant to do this because as my friends and family can attest to I am not on top of things. Things, like laundry piled on my dresser and dust all over the floor and shelves are the story of my life. It is genetic! :) Sorry, mom!

Working, as well as, homeschooling are kicking my tail and my house is a wreck. We had to stop having small group at my house because I could not have it "ready" for people to come over. A seriously sad state of affairs! I was reading a cutesy blog yesterday and how this adult chore chart was really helpful. I thought, "that is what i need, check boxes like I give my kids." So, I plunged ahead and sent my whopping 8 bucks to see if it could change my life. I think what I really need is a house cleaner! :)

We will see. . .the planner is printed out and bound with a loose leaf ring and stuck to the wall with a push pin. I am working hard on it. . .can you see! I am blogging about it. I will let you know if the chore chart changes my world and I can develop some good house cleaning habits from it. To read more Smart Habits check out the Lazy Organizer!

Update: Tuesday 10/30-two days out. . .I am tired from cleaning, sore from exercising and really motivated! Yay! It really is going great. The whole family is on board which is a rare occurrence. . .we're talking beds made before school! Groovy, huh!

Update Monday 11/12-Two weeks out. . .I love my list. It helps me to stay focused on what I need to accomplish little picture as well as big picture.

To date:
  • I have cleaned out all of my pantry cabinets. . .I had another reason for this, but will post about that later. :(
  • Cleaned my desk. . .boy that was a job
  • Kept my laundry going for two weeks (1 load a day baby, 1 load a day!)
  • Kids and I have made beds every day, most of the time before school starts
  • Pampered myself a couple of times . . .on the list. . .
  • cleaned out summer clothes and clothes too small. . .check!
  • cleaned out master closet-woah, this is going overboard!