Regrouping Today in Every Way!

Hansel started regrouping in Math this week. He is so smart. He caught on right away. I'm always amazed at his concept of math. I assure you it has nothing to do with me. We even had an elaborate conversation at lunch about "if there were X amount of candy underneath X number of trees how much would you have and would you be able to divide that equally between you and and your sister." All of that over leftover beef!

As you can guess, and may be as well, we are "regrouping" after our Halloween adventures last night! No one wanted to get out of bed! We gave out a million pieces of candy from our church last night. Our church is located on Main Street of our historical downtown area and all of the downtown businesses hand out candy on Halloween night. We took the opportunity to join them, as well as, to invite everyone that participated in the trick or treating to a pancake breakfast that we are having on Saturday. Woah. . .if 1% of the people came who we handed out invitations to we are in trouble. What have we gotten ourselves into? I better regroup fast because more wildness is on it's way!

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