My Bankie!

On Thursday of this last week, my Motivated Mom's to do list said that I had to clean out the master bedroom closet. I gave Prince JM a head's up early in the week so that he would not have a panic attack when I asked him to help since a lot of it is his stuff. On Friday, we were finishing up Thursday's to do list (go figure) around the house and we got to the master bedroom closet. In rummaging through the various crap antique items, Prince JM came across Hansel's blanket from when he was born. It is the rattiest thing you have ever seen. He had and still has some type of oral fixation and his blanket proves it. He carried that thing around like Linus for at least two - three years of his life. When he was old enough to talk he named his blanket as well as various others he had collected. There was bankie #1, "White" and #2 and #3 "green and blue." Creative little guy! :) We called him in to the room to remind him of his younger years and he just stared at, "White" with big open eyes, and said "was this my blanket?" He grabbed it and swiped it across his face and held it for a long time.

Today, I was doing the dishes (on the Motivated Mom's list) and Hansel, now 8 years of age, looked at the comforter from his bed that he has now and said, "Mom, where did I get this blanket?" I replied, "It was my blanket in college and I handed it down to you for your bed." He said, "What did you call it?" I smiled and said that I did not give it a name, what would you call it? He said, "definitely green." Cute guy.

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John Mark said...

I'm posting a comment here because apparently everyone is laughing so hard they can't find the time to post how funny they found this. I laughed my socks off when I read this one, cutie pie! :-) Soooo true.