Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Ok, I cannot keep this to myself. Now, listen I have not received them yet, but I did a little shoe ordering online from a company called and I have to say it may just be the best shoe sale I have ever seen in my life. Thousands of shoes for $9.95 and I cannot believe how cute they are. You have to check it out! You have to go. . .but do not tell your husband where you got the information from or he may block my blog and that would be SAD for both of us.

So shhhh! :) And my shoe size is 7 if you are thinking Christmas! :)

Getting In on the Carnival Action

I did not want to miss out on all of the bloggy carnival action. I am barely in it and I hope you like what I have to offer. I know, I know you clicked on my blog to get cool stuff, BUT make sure to subscribe to my blog if you like what you see.

I am a Mom Select member and they send me things like cool Swag Bags with LOADS of stuff to offer to my readers. They sent me the cutest little exercise/beach suit that would be good for a little girl or boy. It is a 24 month old outfit and I just wish I could squish my kids back to that size. The neat thing about it is offers UV protection from the sun and has a little hood. It is chlorine and sea water resistant as well as lightweight. Pretty amazing, right?

Introduction to the princess and what she generally talks about:
  • weekly menu (that the cooks prepare for us :) )
  • the wild antics of the royal family
  • things that work around the castle
  • life as a southern homeschooling pastor's wife
  • exercise
  • fun with my friends
  • adding on to the castle and what that looks like :(
No Claims Here
I do not ever claim to be perfect as many people think that a pastor's family is or should be. I am just a regular girl, with two wild children (Hansel and Gretel) and a man in my life (Prince Charming) who never makes things dull.

Leave a comment and I will select a random winner on Sunday, November 2nd! I will let you know if you win. . .good luck.