Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Ok, I cannot keep this to myself. Now, listen I have not received them yet, but I did a little shoe ordering online from a company called and I have to say it may just be the best shoe sale I have ever seen in my life. Thousands of shoes for $9.95 and I cannot believe how cute they are. You have to check it out! You have to go. . .but do not tell your husband where you got the information from or he may block my blog and that would be SAD for both of us.

So shhhh! :) And my shoe size is 7 if you are thinking Christmas! :)


Anonymous said...

Great deals. thanks for the tip! my little guy just moved up a shoe size and they have super cute toddler shoes at great prices.

Anonymous said...

Great offer..! I will certainly check out 6PM to get affordable shoes.