Saving Money

Sorry if you clicked on my link about Saving Money or Gardening. That was a topic that I talked about last week. You can definitely help me out in that category too because that applies since we garden!

Yesterday, I was thinking about what I wanted to write about and I was thinking it was going to be about controlling the masses of laundry that accumulate in this house. I was out browsing a bit and I found this awesome post and comments on what others do to make it through their laundry in a week in a way that keeps their lives sane and house picked up. So one dilemma solved and onto another.

My husband and I do a lot of things to save money. One of the small things we have done is to buy those little weird shaped light bulbs that take half an hour to warm up to get to full brightness. (I do not complain about those in the morning at 4:40 when I wake up and walk into the bathroom!)

Another thing that we do, which is really difficult for me is to use the envelope system in the areas where we spend too much. That has helped control spending quite a bit. I would love to know what you do to control spending and even save in your home. It can be in the house, on cars or any "light bulb moment" (no pun intended :)) that you have had in saving money.

By the way that is a picture of me and my family in Branson, Missouri on vacation. . .one of the things that we would like to do again this year if we can save the money! So come on with all of your awesome ideas.

Menu Plan Monday - March 3rd

Yay, it is Monday and I get to plan my menu. This week I am trying to be a bit better on the health side of things. I just did my BMI on a website and it thinks that I need to be back at my teenager weight. The nerve! So, minus Monday's fish sticks and french fries I think it is fairly healthy. Oh and forget that little thing about the Spanish Flan too, ok? :)

Monday - Fish Sticks, French Fries, Coleslaw. . .we have small group tonight and need something simple. Fish Sticks were on my Grocery Game List this week. Cheap and Simple = Monday!
Tuesday - Saffron Rice, green beans mixed with Worcestershire, butter and brown sugar, rolls Simple Whole Roasted Chicken,
Wednesday - pancakes, sausage, fruit kabobs
Thursday - Sarah's Musings had this recipe up this morning for her Saturday meal and my daughter is a feta lover and will LOVE this meal. Mediterranean Greek Salad, I may try the Souvlaki as well, that looks pretty tasty. Thanks Sarah!!!
Friday - Homemade Pepperoni Pizza
Saturday - can we eat pizza again? Probably not, guess I will go with Chicken Quesadillas and Spanish Flan, and Mexican Layer Dip,
Sunday - Trusty, Rusty Taco Salad!

Have an excellent week (hopefully eating at the dinner table with your family.) We really try to go this route, but sometimes on Fridays we plop by that ole tv. I thought maybe this week I would put our fun place mats out. What are some things that you guys do to encourage eating at the dinner table? Make sure to check Organizing Junkie for more fantastic menu plans!