Saving Money

Sorry if you clicked on my link about Saving Money or Gardening. That was a topic that I talked about last week. You can definitely help me out in that category too because that applies since we garden!

Yesterday, I was thinking about what I wanted to write about and I was thinking it was going to be about controlling the masses of laundry that accumulate in this house. I was out browsing a bit and I found this awesome post and comments on what others do to make it through their laundry in a week in a way that keeps their lives sane and house picked up. So one dilemma solved and onto another.

My husband and I do a lot of things to save money. One of the small things we have done is to buy those little weird shaped light bulbs that take half an hour to warm up to get to full brightness. (I do not complain about those in the morning at 4:40 when I wake up and walk into the bathroom!)

Another thing that we do, which is really difficult for me is to use the envelope system in the areas where we spend too much. That has helped control spending quite a bit. I would love to know what you do to control spending and even save in your home. It can be in the house, on cars or any "light bulb moment" (no pun intended :)) that you have had in saving money.

By the way that is a picture of me and my family in Branson, Missouri on vacation. . .one of the things that we would like to do again this year if we can save the money! So come on with all of your awesome ideas.


ames said...

They may be things you've heard before, but here's a few I've found to be useful:

-almost 30% of the energy cost for a house goes to heating/cooling, so one of the best things you can do is block up all the drafts that are just sucking that energy right out of your house, and insulate any single-pane cold windows. That plastic stuff works well, and also hanging heavy curtains during the winter, opening them during the day if it's sunny and closing them at night.
-maintaining your appliances to make sure they are operating at max. efficiency. Things like cleaning out the dryer's lint filter regularly and using vinegar to clean out the soap scum for the dishwasher and washer (though, to *really* save money, don't use those appliances at all ;). Also cleaning out your air ducts.
-buying frequently used foods in bulk, saves on the cost of the food *and* on trips to the store (gas prices, blech)
-the CFL bulbs are great not only because they last forever but because they use less energy - the same goes for LED lights like christmas lights. They last up to 20 years and use 80% less energy

Sorry, this is turning into a book, but this topic is one of my current passions so I've collected a lot f advice.

katherine said...

. . . eagerly awaiting menu planning monday . . .

my menu for the week contains three of your recipes ;) and, i'm only cooking four times!

don't worry -- two of the other three are cares related, so we aren't eating out that much :)