Thoughts on Slow Restaurant Service. . . warning a complaining station

Last night we went to a place that I knew was a little on the expensive side, but wanted to try as a special treat. We were told that the wait was 30 minutes so after about 40 minutes I went in to inquire about our status on the sheet. First the lady laughed at my mom's last name and then after I pointed out our name on the waiting list she said she did not know, but it was probably about 10-15 more minutes. We had eight in our party and they said that the people in front of us were staying a long time at their table. :( What I discovered was that they were short-staffed, the cooks were slow and short-staffed and the people there at the restaurant were fairly incompetent. :( That was why the people were staying a long time at their table; they had not received their food yet!!! We ended up having to sit at two tables of four. Me with the kids (which I really did not mind because they are easily entertained and fun to chat with). And the other four at a table across the restaurant. So after awhile of sitting there I asked who would be our waiter. The person replied that they would have to inquire. Finally, a person came to take our order. By that time we knew what we would wanted to order. We ordered an appetizer to split as a main course, a cheese pizza and crab legs (one of the more expensive on the menu). We ordered drinks as well (3 in kid cups and 1 adult) and the guy brought out my kids adult glasses of which my son spilled all over the floor and chair.

My mom and her crew ate their food and dessert and we still had not received ours. There were people all around me calling the manager and I just felt bad about calling him when obviously our waiter was doing all he could and it was not his fault. . .but it sort of was. I talked with the waiter and said I was dissatisfied and would like a discount or something because this was just silly. I was lamenting as well that I could have made that food at home-including finding the recipes on the internet, going to the store to get the ingredients for cheaper and faster!!!! Anyway, so I paid the bill because the guy never brought out the manager and my aunt came up and she said "that is ridiculous" and went and had a word with the manager. He gave me about a 10% discount and said good-bye. The interesting things is we waited a really long time for the manager to come back. . . .agh!!!

Anyway, I guess my dilemma is that I wondered if I should have complained. Our motto at home is "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." should I have tattled??!! What do you think?