Organizing My Blog because I am Lazy

Yes, I am obsessed to say the least with organizing our life to make it easier. It is in my laziness that I organize. I want my kids to know where things belong, my husband to put the groceries in fridge in the right place and for all of my kid's friends to know that there is order in the Princess's home! I don't want to have to do things myself. There it is. . .true confession. No more picking up toys after my kid's friends. :)

I have great hope that this will help you be more efficient on my blog. I am finally organizing my labels for each post. In the sidebar on the right you will find a detailed label and under each label you will find my post pertaining to that label.

Recently, I had a friend call and not be able to find a recipe that she knew I posted on my blog. This disturbed me to say the least. So, now when you are looking for something you know I posted on before I want you to be able to find it. Out of my laziness for not having to look for it myself I want to help you find what you need. Aren't I nice?

I am not quite finished with labeling my posts. I should be done by next year next week because I have posted a lot and I have to go back in to each post to categorize them. I hope that this helps you to find what you need for the future.

For now, Happy Hunting!

Brain Dead

I don't know if it is 5 days straight of working out at the gym, having 2 kids and a husband, 3 cats, sea monkeys and a much neglected fish or the simple fact that my brain is dead that is making me "postless" this week. Sorry my loyal and faithful readers reader. :)

Love you guys and hope you are having a great week. More posts to come. I am working on some fun links for "My Sunday Best."

Carport Chaos

Today is backward's Works for Me Wednesday and boy do I need help!

When my husband and I bought our house almost 2 years ago I had grandiose dreams and ideas about tearing down our carport and either adding a garage or a new carport. We discovered our carport leaks rather profusely. Because our carport is attached to our house we have to make our carport the perfect "pitch." I am super limited in my knowledge of adding on or building anything. My husband is pretty skilled, but is limited by being a one man band!

My questions to you are:
1) Have you taken on a big project such as building a garage or carport?
2) What problems did you encounter?
3) Did you do it yourself or did you hire out?
4) Do you have regrets or are you pleased overall with the results?
5) Did it cost you an arm and a leg?

I would love to have a screened in porch for our hot, mosquitoey weather and a carport/garage. Any thoughts, prayers and advice would be great!

Check out Rocks in my Dryer to help some others with their various dilemmas.

Update: Yesterday I had a really strange comment from someone-like someone who was jacked up on Mountain Dew and he wanted to help us with our carport. After reporting this person (who I tracked down) to the police I feel much better. He will probably be arrested at his work today for "Anonymous, scary posts on a girl's blog!" :) Stan, you are crazy!

Getting Organized in 2008

I am armed and dangerous and a little obsessed. . . My husband is nervous. Look out I might label you! :)

What the Princess is Having for Dinner This Week

too bad the Princess doesn't have a cook. :)

Steps to Building a Menu Plan
1) Evaluate fridge contents and pantry
2) Research: look through cookbooks, blogs, All Recipes to get new ideas as well as study the sales ads to see what is on sale
3) Make A Decision
4) Write It Down: I have a form that I write down what every breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that I have planned out for the week; I don’t always use all of the categories, but I always write down dinner plans
5) Make a list of what I need from the store. I have a spreadsheet with the most commonly bought items by Wal Mart aisles and I just check them off or add to it what I need.

6) Enjoy my week of well-thought out menus

This process has helped my family so much. It helps in at least three areas: no running back and forth to the store throughout the week, it helps stay focused on the budget by using things that we already have, and it helps me not to panic when the family asks, “What’s for Dinner.”

Monday – Sesame Chicken and Rice
Tuesday – chili/cheese/fritos (using frozen tomatoes from the garden this past summer.)
Wednesday – Pancakes/bacon/frosty pineapple salad
Thursday – Tacos with Black Bean Salsa
Friday – Chicken Pot Pie
Saturday – Fred’s Fish House (gift certificate from Christmas)
Sunday – Taco Salad

Update: rotel is tomatoes and green chilis as shown below: I forget that rotel is a southern thang!

"My Sunday Best"

I thought I would start posting "My Sunday Best" to recall the best links and ideas that I have gathered throughout the week. This is similar to Rocks In My Dryer's Sunday Linkage, but I will get a lot of the ideas from her Works for Me Wednesday posts as well as other blogs I have stumbled upon. Many of the things that I will link to will be things that I either want to put into practice or have already.

1. What do you do with all of the Christmas Cards that you receive over the holidays?
2. How do I get my kids to help with unloading the dishes and make it easy for them?
3. Is there a place where I can post my personal goals for 2008 and get some good ideas for further development?
4. Is there a good place on the www where I can get some really tried and true recipes as well as a meal plan for my week?
5. What is Beth Moore's shoes going to look like this year and where will she buy them?

Feel free to send me ideas throughout the week that you would like to see me link to. Even if it's your own idea and you think it could make "The Sunday Best" I would love to review it and possibly link back to you.

Happy Sunday to you.
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