Organizing My Blog because I am Lazy

Yes, I am obsessed to say the least with organizing our life to make it easier. It is in my laziness that I organize. I want my kids to know where things belong, my husband to put the groceries in fridge in the right place and for all of my kid's friends to know that there is order in the Princess's home! I don't want to have to do things myself. There it is. . .true confession. No more picking up toys after my kid's friends. :)

I have great hope that this will help you be more efficient on my blog. I am finally organizing my labels for each post. In the sidebar on the right you will find a detailed label and under each label you will find my post pertaining to that label.

Recently, I had a friend call and not be able to find a recipe that she knew I posted on my blog. This disturbed me to say the least. So, now when you are looking for something you know I posted on before I want you to be able to find it. Out of my laziness for not having to look for it myself I want to help you find what you need. Aren't I nice?

I am not quite finished with labeling my posts. I should be done by next year next week because I have posted a lot and I have to go back in to each post to categorize them. I hope that this helps you to find what you need for the future.

For now, Happy Hunting!

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Tery said...

Organization is what I TRY to do best :)

To organize your site just use your labeling within each post to organize.

Do Recipe so that way all the Recipes in your blog will come up.