Carport Chaos

Today is backward's Works for Me Wednesday and boy do I need help!

When my husband and I bought our house almost 2 years ago I had grandiose dreams and ideas about tearing down our carport and either adding a garage or a new carport. We discovered our carport leaks rather profusely. Because our carport is attached to our house we have to make our carport the perfect "pitch." I am super limited in my knowledge of adding on or building anything. My husband is pretty skilled, but is limited by being a one man band!

My questions to you are:
1) Have you taken on a big project such as building a garage or carport?
2) What problems did you encounter?
3) Did you do it yourself or did you hire out?
4) Do you have regrets or are you pleased overall with the results?
5) Did it cost you an arm and a leg?

I would love to have a screened in porch for our hot, mosquitoey weather and a carport/garage. Any thoughts, prayers and advice would be great!

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Update: Yesterday I had a really strange comment from someone-like someone who was jacked up on Mountain Dew and he wanted to help us with our carport. After reporting this person (who I tracked down) to the police I feel much better. He will probably be arrested at his work today for "Anonymous, scary posts on a girl's blog!" :) Stan, you are crazy!


ellen b. said...

We have taken on big projects at our old house and with proper planning and the right tools things have turned out well. Our next big project is tackling a water issue in our basement...ugh.

Amy said...

We had our house built... does that count? Well, not really, because we didn't have to live here at the time of the construction.

No advice, really... just wanted to wish you good luck!

Anonymous said...

I also am a one man band! If your husband needs help you just let me know. I have been working out lately and would love to help. I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew! Just let me know.

Unknown said...

Who in the world made that last comment? :)