Do you want me to fix your jewelry or your toilet?

At one point in my life I had three jobs, two part time jobs and one full time job. This does not include my kids or husband which are both at the very least part time jobs. Juggling all of this eventually made me CRAZY. I would get a phone call and she would say, "Hey this is Christy" to which I would reply, "yes and. . ." I did not know if she was from my part-time business of selling jewelry or from my part-time job at our apartments. Things were beginning to get out of hand. . . but I had to persevere for as long as possible because my hubs was finishing up seminary and we needed to keep the balls in the air. So I persevered until the end of seminary and now I am growing my hair back. Fortunately, this was only a season of life and I have since moved back to some version of sanity.

I am not sure why, but my hubs said things naturally follow an order of calm to chaos. If you clean up everything in the house, it will come undone pretty quickly (as you might know). Well, after almost two years of being in a state of calm things are slowly, but steadily moving back to chaos. I started out having my kids in public school and me working part time from home. The next year, I brought one of them home with me and have been juggling him and my part time job. Next year, guess what. . . I believe we have gravitated to the "chaos season" once again. Hansel and Gretel are both interested in being home and mom is still working that nice quiet part-time job she once had.

Are you with me? Multi-taskin' momma is about to be hairless again. :)

Can't wait to find my camera!

It's either in my car (which still has Easter stuff in it) or my mom accidentally took it home with her. Either way, I really hope I find it because I have something really cool to show you. I know, you are thinking it is my abs of steal or better yet, my buns of steal. I assure you that it is not a picture of either, it is something crafty that I have been thinking about for a long time. Something I found in a magazine that I wanted to make. So if I find my camera I will show it to you. Are you going to check my blog every 30 minutes to see if I found my camera? Probably not, but I will post about it by Wednesday at the latest. Until then, ta ta!

Menu Plan Monday-March 31st

Monday's are doozies. They are about to get more interesting with the evenings being filled with baseball practices and games. My priorities are definitely mixed up when I am running out of time to blog ;)

Monday - All American Meat Loaf from The Ultimate Southern Living cookbook, mashed potatoes, green beans and crescent rolls
Tuesday - sausage and biscuits, eggs and orange juice
Wednesday -Pulled chicken sandwiches from Organizing Junkie's menu - yummo
Thursday - bratwurst, green bell peppers and onions, french fries and banana pudding
Friday - Gretel's open house (eating there)
Saturday- steak, baked potatoes, garlic bread, salad
Sunday - leftovers

Update on two things I have cooked from the last couple of weeks that were phenomonal:
Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo-pulled this randomly from Allrecipes and boy was I glad!
Black bean chicken chili (recipe to come)-Woah, this got better and better as the spices and everything meshed; it was awesome!

Enjoy and have a great week!!!