Keeping Communication and Encouragement at the Heart of the Home

Valentine's Day has come and gone. . .the pressure if off of the guys and the moms can get back to normalcy. This year, we used Valentine's as an opportunity to kick off some good communication and encouragement in our home. I purchased these mailboxes at Target before Valentine's Day and we decorated them for Gretel's class. It was a really fun thing and now we are using them at home to give each other mail.

I don't know about you, but I love getting mail, especially sweet notes from my kids. We each have our own mailbox and the love just continues. If you have ideas on how you have improved communication and encouragement in your home, I would love to hear from you.

As always, check out more Works for Me Wednesday ideas at Shannon's blog, Rocks in My Dryer.

My Garden Plan

I have been working up to this for awhile and decided to just put all of my thoughts down. While my husband and I love people and ministry opportunities we desperately need to recharge our batteries sometimes. We have found a few ways that we enjoy recharging. For me it is definitely gardening. Even though it is quiet time away from phones and computers I enjoy visiting with my neighbor who gardens as well. We have a vegetable garden, a water garden as well as a couple of flower gardens. My hope this year is that all of my gardens are even better (and more) than last year.

So this is the plan to get there:

Plant seeds to grow indoors

While I have bought some starter material from Spend Mart Wal Mart, I have also been perusing the internet to find inexpensive containers to start seeds. This site has a lot of great ideas for seed containers and this is a site linking to a really cool garden girl that I have started reading regularly. The other dilemma I have is not enough places to set up seed starting areas. I am contemplating clearing off a couple of shelves and buying some fluorescent lights like this guy.

· Get soil tested at Co-Op. There was a big write up in our local newspaper about the tests that the Co -Op offers as a free service.

Need to plant hostas in the shade around two of my trees. I plan on ordering them from Burpee and they will be delivered when time to plant.

Another favorite of mine is herb gardening. It is really easy as long as you have a good spot. Also, you have to keep in mind what herbs need space and which ones know their boundaries. Mint is especially bad about getting in the other herbs bubbles. We have to put him in a round pot every year so that he will mind his manners.

I would like to not only add to my herb collection but to dry them to use throughout the year.

My neighbor came over yesterday and she asked if I would like to share a truckload of dirt. That would probably be a really good thing too because dirt is expensive, especially good dirt. It would be really helpful to improve the quality of my soil. So one more point to add.

· Get better dirt!

I am sure that as the Spring keeps a comin' that I will be adding to this list but this is a great start for kicking off the planting season. Don't ya think. So what is your plan to beautify your outdoors as well as give you a recharge this Spring? I would love to know.

Menu Plan Monday-I am Back!

Took a bit of unpaid bloggy sick leave last week! We ended up eating out like three times this week and we never do that. Between having stomachs that felt a little off and no menu planned things were wild. So, I'm back and hope to not be down again. . . . for awhile at least!

Monday - Chicken Quesadillas on the George Foreman
Tuesday - Roast, carrots and Texas Toast
Wednesday - Omelets, biscuits. . .maybe some gravy for my gal. . .my gal likes her some gravy!
Thursday - Either a Sonic stop or moochin off the in-laws until Sunday
Friday - moochin
Saturday - still moochin
Sunday - Taco Salad or Chili

I missed you Menu Plan Monday! I will be with you till the very end.

Spring's A Comin'

. . .I know it is because I signed my kids up for T-ball and baseball today. They start their first practice around Spring Break so I know Spring will be here before we know it. I can't wait, I tell you! Between colds and being stuck in the house I am itchin' for the warm air to curl between my little barefoot toes.

My kids are ready to practice their ball skills. They ran outside to get a head start on the season and were back in within 30 minutes with frozen hands. Not quite flipflop time yet kiddos! :) Soon, very soon, though.