Shot to the Heart and I'm to Blame

I love watching things grow. Flowers are up there on my favorites list. . they changes from tiny seedlings and grow up into big beautiful flowers. From my own back porch I see the construction growing. I now have walls on our addition and it is so fantabulous you can't believe it. I love watching all things grow, except my children.

I have been thinking about how I have really missed the mark with my kids. I have more excuses than shoes (and girl that's a lot) to not be the mom that I should be. I have excuses to not tuck my kids in, to not help them with building a lego fort, with not being patient with them when they are saying my name over and over again.

The other day, Hansel and I were talking and I told him I would do something in his bedroom for him and he said, "No you won't." I said, "of course I will, why wouldn't I?" He said, "you never come in my bedroom other than to check to see if it's clean." Shot to the heart!!!!! and you're to blame. . .darling you give love a bad name. . . in the famous lyrics of Bon Jovi. Shot to the heart by my own son. I tell you, I am having some wake-up calls around here and they are not pretty.

My kids are growing faster than those flowers out there as well as that construction work and I need to get myself together because I am missing out. Do you ever feel that way? I know that the little old gray haired ladies at the store tell me this all of the time. . ."be thankful while you got em cuz they grow up fast young whipper-snapper." I am heeding your words little ol gray haired ladies.

My goal is to:

1) stop making excuses to not tuck those darlins into bed at night
2) to do what I can to go in their rooms and PLAY. . .I am promising myself to not look under their beds and secretly put things away
3) to cuddle up with my kids on the couch and watch cartoons with them

Shoot, today Hansel wanted me to just fix him a "donkey tail" (more details to come on that one) and to watch Home Improvement with him. How hard is that? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you make your kids a priority and cut the excuses on spending time with them.

Summer and Kid Friendly Recipes

Summertime Fruit Salsa

1 container of frozen strawberries
3 kiwis
1 can crushed pineapple, drained
package of tortillas, cut with a pizza cutter into triangles

Spray cookie sheet with oil and tops of triangle tortillas as well, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar

Use a blender, food processor or food chopper to make this salsa.

Bake at 350 for about 8 minutes; check them often!!! :) Burnt ones do not taste good.

My awesome kids made these awesome:

Banana Chocolate Shakes

1 banana (we freeze ours when they start going "bad")
1 cup milk
3 T cocoa
2 T chocolate syrup
1-2 cups ice (if the bananas were not frozen)

I just noticed the recipe called for cocoa OR syrup but my kids added both and they were pretty amazing. Also, my kids made the first batch and realized they were going to need lots more to fill their bellies and so they doubled the next batch so you might want to triple yours. They made this all by themselves. All I did was put the blender together for them and they did everything else.

Pour milk into blender. Then add banana and chocolate. Blend for one minute. Add ice if you needed. Pour milk shakes into individual cups. Talk about freezing and melting if you have a teachable moment there.

Hope you enjoyed these recipes!!! More to come.


I was lying out by the pool today when my daughter and son saw our neighbor's dog run by. I have not seen the dog out much until lately, but it is really friendly. Gretel, the six year old, came back to inform me that the dogs name was "Rabies." It took me a minute to catch on to what was going on. They read the dogs tag and it said, "Rabies" as in it had received its rabies shot. My son did not hear my response and he was in my neighbor's yard trying to get the dog to come to him by yelling, "Come here, Rabies. Over here."

hehe. :)

Menu Plan Monday

Oh my, I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged last. Forgive me, my loyal readers! We have had so much going on I have not had a chance to blog, but I assure you I have lots of new material now. I should start out with my menu though so that I can get this week started off on the right foot.

Monday - Thanks to From Mommy's Kitchen we have Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad on the menu for tonight. Honestly gals, the only meat I even have in the freezer is a bag of chicken so anything chicken and easy sounds great!

bake cookies for neighbors. . .especially ones who have helped with all of the crazy construction work around here

Tuesday - Seasoned Hamburgers, roasted potatoes and strawberry/kiwi salsa and cinnamon sugar tortilla strips

Wednesday - dinner with my mom and dad; it's his birthday . . .kids going to my their home; what a great exchange his birthday and my kids!! :)

Thursday - dinner with my hubby. . .should throw some steaks and cabbage on the grill!!!

Friday - dinner with the gals from my church

Saturday - spaghetti and salad

Sunday - taco salad and salsa with fresh cilantro and jalapenos from the garden. . .hurry up tomatoes!!!