I was lying out by the pool today when my daughter and son saw our neighbor's dog run by. I have not seen the dog out much until lately, but it is really friendly. Gretel, the six year old, came back to inform me that the dogs name was "Rabies." It took me a minute to catch on to what was going on. They read the dogs tag and it said, "Rabies" as in it had received its rabies shot. My son did not hear my response and he was in my neighbor's yard trying to get the dog to come to him by yelling, "Come here, Rabies. Over here."

hehe. :)


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chona said...

precious! A few years ago, my son was telling me about a mean dog he saw on our street, he said he thought it was nip-ple (meant to say pit bull). We laughed so hard, we would say, hurry, run, the dog will bite your nipples!

chona said...
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Anonymous said...

Was that my sweet little dog?

I too am excited to see the progress on your addition. I am coming to look at it again soon!