Help for My Small Bathroom

I would pay top dollar to find a solution to this! My bathroom not only has a toilet and bathtub, but as a bonus includes a hot water heater as well as my washer and dryer. Impressive, eh! Listen, while it is wonderful to be able to drop your drawers in the same place that cleans those drawers, it is not an attractive place. I have added a splash of paint as well as some impressive and cute handles on the doors (which are not on these cabinets shown yet), but I need some separation somewhere. These are the things I have thought so far. . .
  1. add closing doors, but will this make it smaller?
  2. add a tankless hot water heater; better but expensive
  3. take out the washer dryer and use a washboard and line dry, NOT!
  4. add some material to make like a curtain, uhm like is that trashy??
  5. add some decor to the hot water heater, maybe build a box around it or a screeen
It is just tight quarters and I really need a bathroom make-over. I have spent a lot of time on HGTV sites and their design ideas were a little pricey! Like I said, I have actually lost sleep at night over this and I would love some advice from you decorating QUEENS! for more posts like this, pop over to Shannon's at Rocks in my Dryer.

Rag Quilting

I learned this really fun way of making quilts this summer. I am not a quilter and this is as close as I will probably ever get. I am not finished yet. I have sewed all of the blocks and the rows together. I still need to go around the edges as well as fringe the sections. This was over 600 combined quilt blocks including the batting in the middle. Can you say, ouchy hands!! Fortunately, I have a rotary cutter and a lot of TV time under my belt! I will let you see the finished product hopefully by this weekend!

Challenge Update

That was difficult. I would call myself a Forgiven Failure! :)

I am so glad that I took the challenge because I learned a lot about myself. Mainly, that I need to guard my tongue and that I am a work in process! I hope you did better than me.