Help for My Small Bathroom

I would pay top dollar to find a solution to this! My bathroom not only has a toilet and bathtub, but as a bonus includes a hot water heater as well as my washer and dryer. Impressive, eh! Listen, while it is wonderful to be able to drop your drawers in the same place that cleans those drawers, it is not an attractive place. I have added a splash of paint as well as some impressive and cute handles on the doors (which are not on these cabinets shown yet), but I need some separation somewhere. These are the things I have thought so far. . .
  1. add closing doors, but will this make it smaller?
  2. add a tankless hot water heater; better but expensive
  3. take out the washer dryer and use a washboard and line dry, NOT!
  4. add some material to make like a curtain, uhm like is that trashy??
  5. add some decor to the hot water heater, maybe build a box around it or a screeen
It is just tight quarters and I really need a bathroom make-over. I have spent a lot of time on HGTV sites and their design ideas were a little pricey! Like I said, I have actually lost sleep at night over this and I would love some advice from you decorating QUEENS! for more posts like this, pop over to Shannon's at Rocks in my Dryer.


beth said...

oh my gosh! We had a similar issue. Although our bathroom was much larger, being in the basement and all. Our solution was to actually get a stacking washer and dryer, add a folding counter and put it behind folding doors. This will not work for you, your dryer is sticking out beyond the point of the window. So I would probably drywall the water heater into a little cubby, with a door that would open (somehow!) and then possibly consider a stacking washer/dryer and add a cute cabinet / table (with legs to add some lightness to store laundry supplies) or you could build floor-to-ceiling built-in cubbies next to store towels, laundry basket and laundry supplies.

Rogue de Plume said...

I have a very similar problem with my bathroom, though the shape of the room is very different compared to yours. I will try to help though.

- Simple solution for the hot water tank would be a tri- or quad- folding screen. You can make them yourself or purchase one. That will hide the tank, but you may be tripping over it.

- I would put doors on the cabinets, like you said you would be doing.

- Use all the vertical space you can find. Take an over the door shoe holder (the kind with pockets) and use that to hold little things like hair clips, razors, brushes, toothpaste etc. in.

- I don't know if I'm seeing the second picture correctly but it looks like there may be room to put a small shelf above the cabinet and perhaps another slender yet tall shelf right next to the window.

- Lastly, if you simply want to hide the entire lot from the dryer to the water tank, a long curtain isn't all that trashy. Find something you love...perhaps even something easy to clean like a shower curtain. You can get extra creative by running a second curtain rail along the floor to pull the curtain somewhat tight so it doesn't move easily.

I hope something I said helps. I wish you luck with the solutions.

Louise said...

I agree that a curtain wouldn't be trashy at all. How about a shower curtain just like the one for your bathtub? Maybe you could fool people into thinking not that your bathroom is small, but that it is SO HUGE that you have two (or three!) bathtubs! :-)

Crisp white painted bi-fold doors would work, too.

It would also help if the cabinet above the washer/dryer had another shelf so that the supplies sitting on the machines could be easily put away. I assume you are still working on that cabinet? Will it have doors? Making spaces look larger is all about hiding the clutter.

Your baby blue and white color scheme is very nice and soothing; looks clean and modern!

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

I would definitely go with the curtain idea. You could tie it out of the way when you don't want to deal with it, but hide the washer/dryer when you want to.

Amanda Conley said...

Hey, I just happened across your blog from a link on Rocks in My Dryer and I noticed that you go to Fellowship Bible church in Batesville. I go to Fellowship Bible church in Nashville which is a planted church from Fellowship Little Rock. Could our churches be connected? Anyway, I just thought it was cool that I came across your blog.
Oh yeah, Francine Rivers is my favorite too!

John Mark said...

I can't believe your husband would put you in a home with a teeny tiny bathroom like that! What a loser.

Anonymous said...

Cabinets and countertops offer the much-needed storage space in the bathroom to store your toiletries, keep medicines and first-aid box, cleaning milk, moisturizer and deodorants, towels and napkins besides other things that you use daily while showering in your bath. They are powerful accents to your bath d├ęcor and help you to define the tone and style of the bathroom wall cabinets and make the best use of the wall and floor surface of the area. .

Anonymous said...

We just updated our small bathroom and it also had the washer and dryer
in that area. They were in an alcove with bifold doors. We removed the doors and purchased a new Whirlpool Stackable Duet Set.
Added a nice bookcase in one corner.
I purchased long curtain panels
with matching valance to hang in place of the doors. It coordinates with the shower curtain and looks very nice. I used draper rings so I could slide the curtains open easily.

Good Luck, hope this helps

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