My Sunday Best

1) What do you do if you find alcohol in your teenagers car?
2) Do you know your Geography Trivia? (If you called me this week and I was a little distracted this might be why. :))
3) Are you a mom, love to write and looking for a way to get published? Join this essay contest for Mother's Day.
4) Have you been wanting to sell on ebay, but were not too sure how to go about it?
5) What is a great site for fabulous decorating tips?

Would you like to see "My Sunday Best" be a place where you can add your own links? If so comment and let me know if you would like to add your own links. They can be linked to your own site if you feel like it was the best thing you saw on the web all week. I will add a Mr. Linky next week if I get enough feedback.

Have a wonderful week!

1 comment:

Tery said...

Great links. I just might sign up for that Essay contest. Love your Sunday Best.