Signs of Life

While most everyone around the country is shoveling snow we are mowing our grass. Just kidding. . .not mowing yet, but I have discovered some bulbs that Hansel and I planted late October, early November are sprouting. I never believed they would come up. Someone had told me or I read somewhere to plant better bulbs than Wal Mart offers, but I did not feel like spending a fortune on bulbs. Also, I have never planted bulbs before. The main reason I have never planted bulbs was because you cannot plant bulbs in concrete, a tribute to our former life in an apartment in Dallas. Well, I am just too excited. Soon we should see some pretty little daffodils and tulips. Yay!

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catslady said...

Desiree' I am so excited ,spring is going to come! You will now know the joys of gardening with your children.I feel like a hermit about to reenter the world. I think I have seasonal affective disorder ???
Your house looks great! So does mine Ha Ha....Love Mom