Fun Florida Times

I am only four posts away from my 200th post!! Do you think we should celebrate? Leave a comment if you would like to celebrate with some Sonic goodness again! :)

Anyway, I am wasting away in Florida this week. Life is treating me bad on the sands of Destin. My kids and I took in some serious rays today. We are having lots of fun playing in the sand and swimming our little tails off! :)

I have some great ponderings to post on later this week. I am too excited about watching some HGTV to take the time to post my thoughts right now. Will catch you up on my great brain waves soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, post #200 is definitely cause for celebration! Bring on the party!

laixinjie said...

Wow this is definitely something to celebrate, wish you happy every day,By the way,I like custom plastic cups