Observations from the Beach

I have been sitting on the beach in Destin (woah is me) so lots of time and emotional energy to have deep thoughts. These are a few things that I observed about my time just sitting there. Note the odd phrase from a mom "just sitting there."

Observation #1 from the beach: While my kids were out in the water, I kept having to get my kids to refocus their attention to where I was on the beach. As you probably know, the ocean has its way of re-orienting you when you are not careful. The waves move you side-ways, backwards and forward all the while being un-noticed by the participant. I kept saying, "Hey, look at where I am at (in my chair, reading my book) and make sure you stay lined up with me." They would veer off and then they would suddenly look up and scramble back to the place where they need to be.

Ok, here is where it ties in. . .I think this happens a lot in life. The world has a way of dragging us this way and that. Sometimes we look up and realize we are off course. It takes us looking up or someone to say, "Hey! You need to look at me and re-align yourself. " Guess who moved? It was not the gal in the chair with the book or the God who created us. . .it was the one in the middle of the waves. We need to be realigned with God's truth and Word.

Did you like that one? Ok, Observation #2 from the beach: My gal was out in the waves and she kept getting knocked over. Do you know where this is going? Yes, maybe so. The thing was she would have to get up pretty quickly or she would get knocked over by another wave. I would find myself pleading with her (from my chair with my book :)) to hurry and get up because I saw the next wave coming towards her. Yes, life is that wave and those troubles that come. The "waves" are inevitable. They are going to come, but if you keep getting up between them they will not carry you to the bottom of the ocean.

I was surfing around on one of my favorite blogs the other day and I ran across an article about WWII. It was during WWII that Britain offered reassurance to its citizens by posting signs everywhere, "Keep Calm and Carry On." It is a reminder that during the dark days, when the waves are crashing around us and keep knocking us down that we need to get up, keep calm and keep moving. There is no other way around it in this world.

Last observation, I promise. . . is that beach friends are awesome. Beach friends are these friends that come along for a short time and by the time you leave the sands you are so sad to see them go. Like yesterday, Molly left and we were sad. We had shared so much. We had a plethora of things in common and it is so fun to share that time together. Beach friends are seasonal friends. You know, I heard this phrase once, "friends come for a reason, a season or a lifetime." I love all of the various friends that the Lord brings us. . especially the seasonal ones! By the time that you get to know them, it is time for them or us to leave, but they were there to meet a need in your life for a season.

It is a fascinating world, this beach. Worries, chores and burdens are on the shores of home. Thank you, Lord for the break from the waves.


Heather said...

Those observations are great, and #1 is especially edifying ... thanks for sharing!

Hope you have :) time at the beach!!

~Heather :)

chona said...

Great observations, girl! Now, get back to work! :) Love ya & glad you're having a great time!

laixinjie said...

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