Celebrating My 200th Post

Little did I know that when I started Clappy Shoes I would love it so much. I have enjoyed getting to know other bloggers, thinking about subject matter and recording famous moments in our home. I have been blogging for about a year and I have had over 10,000 visits from people from all over the world. It is such a fabulous world that we live in.

To celebrate my 200th post I am giving away a $10 gift card to one of my favorite drink spots (especially during the 2-4 pm half price drinks time). Please leave a comment with your favorite Sonic snack! I will choose a winner (randomly) on Sunday, May 25th and will contact you to get your address to send your card to you. Thank you for making Clappy Shoes your cyber friend! Have a great day!

Lucky Comment Number 6 is the winner of the $10 gift card to Sonic! Sara at Momma Findings and My Sippy Cup Runneth Over is the lucky gal. She has a great blog and you should check it out! I found myself having a hard time staying focused on emailing her to let her know she won because I got into reading her blog.

All seven of you, thanks for
playing and being faithful readers :) I'm serious, I do appreciate you! Thanks for helping me to celebrate my 200th post. Cheers to 200 more posts!


anna w said...

Happy 200th post! Yay! My favorite Sonic - Cheddar Peppers, definitely! Love 'em!

John Mark said...

cheddar peppers here too!!!!

Les and Shannon said...

Fav Sonic snack - mozzarella sticks for sure!

katherine said...

ooo... i love icecream :) any kind!

[pick me! pick me!]

also, fyi -- i changed by blog name.

My Goodness said...

Congratulations!! I hit 200 not long ago...I've had so much fun learning the blog world!

Mmmmm...my favorite Sonic snack is their Mozzerella cheese sticks with a big, fat COKE!!

Sara said...

*Bows Down* I can't wait till I hit 200!! I'm barely at 50. :(

Great little giveaway.. I mean, who DOESN'T like Sonic?!

Favorite snack would have to be a Route 44 Cherry Limeade with chili cheese fries! Mmm.... I feel weight being added to my hips as i think about that!

franticallysimple said...

I just hit 100.
My favorite is the motz sticks. Mmmmm...

Sara said...

So, I wanted to tell you.. You are my favorite person right now! :) I opened the front door and right there in my mailbox was a sweet little envelope. I think it was talking.. saying.. "Go buy a Cherry Limeade!!"

I got it! Thanks girl! Oh, I blogged about it too... :)