Motivated to Clean My House

I was very hesitant to do this because as my friends and family can attest to I am not on top of things. Things, like laundry piled on my dresser and dust all over the floor and shelves are the story of my life. It is genetic! :) Sorry, mom!

Working, as well as, homeschooling are kicking my tail and my house is a wreck. We had to stop having small group at my house because I could not have it "ready" for people to come over. A seriously sad state of affairs! I was reading a cutesy blog yesterday and how this adult chore chart was really helpful. I thought, "that is what i need, check boxes like I give my kids." So, I plunged ahead and sent my whopping 8 bucks to see if it could change my life. I think what I really need is a house cleaner! :)

We will see. . .the planner is printed out and bound with a loose leaf ring and stuck to the wall with a push pin. I am working hard on it. . .can you see! I am blogging about it. I will let you know if the chore chart changes my world and I can develop some good house cleaning habits from it. To read more Smart Habits check out the Lazy Organizer!

Update: Tuesday 10/30-two days out. . .I am tired from cleaning, sore from exercising and really motivated! Yay! It really is going great. The whole family is on board which is a rare occurrence. . .we're talking beds made before school! Groovy, huh!

Update Monday 11/12-Two weeks out. . .I love my list. It helps me to stay focused on what I need to accomplish little picture as well as big picture.

To date:
  • I have cleaned out all of my pantry cabinets. . .I had another reason for this, but will post about that later. :(
  • Cleaned my desk. . .boy that was a job
  • Kept my laundry going for two weeks (1 load a day baby, 1 load a day!)
  • Kids and I have made beds every day, most of the time before school starts
  • Pampered myself a couple of times . . .on the list. . .
  • cleaned out summer clothes and clothes too small. . .check!
  • cleaned out master closet-woah, this is going overboard!


Mrs. O said...

Good luck with this, you can do it.

John Mark said...

I'm not sure I like this. .... I got chased around the house with a list all afternoon long.

Sonja said...

You are amazing! Working and homeschooling! I am just homeschooling and my house always suffers. What a great idea though...I'm going to have to check the adult chore chart. Good luck with the goals and have a great week! :D

Lara said...

Have fun with your check list! Sometimes they work for me and sometimes they don't. Funny how I get so much more accomplished when they're working for me!

catslady said...

Wow, You are too cool!. My mom said it was NOT genetic and she didn't know what happened to me, I think she's wrong. Mom

Mamabug said...

What do you think of the lists now that you have had them for a few days?

Unknown said...

I love my list. It really motivates me when I do not feel like doing something. If I have an option to do something productive or goof off I usually goof off. The list really helps motivate me! Thanks for asking. I will post as an update of all of the tasks I have accomplished.

Anonymous said...

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