What's For Dinner?

Doesn't this look appetizing? So you know I have kind of been on a diet for like eternity a year. I was desperate craving spaghetti squash. My mom told me that this vegetable is a healthy alternative to having pasta so I thought I would give it a whirl. I called my mom to see if she could give me advice on how to cook the beast and there was no answer.

Out of ideas, I opted for the other best nurturing, thorough option. . . google! I googled "cooking spaghetti squash" and it came up with a website that said there were several great options for cooking this gaggy low carb alternative. It did say not to cook it too long or something quite eventful could happen. I do like excitement! So I popped it in the nuker for 10 minutes, came in and checked on it after the timer went off. I determined from the official spaghettti squash cooking test that it wasn't quite ready and I set it for another four minutes-plus that would give me time to finish playing with my gal. Prince JM came out to get me and said that I had a package in the microwave that the package blew the door open! Yay, I do love surprises!

The worst part of this was that my kids were pouring garlic on the squash to cover up the taste even after I baked it and added some other ingredients. Bad stuff that spaghetti squash!!

Doesn't it look like one of those play doh figures that you could squirt their hair out and give it hair cuts and stuff. Thoughts to ponder . . . until the next episode of Cooking Lite with Desiree'!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Mmmm... I love spaghetti squash! I have one; I might have to have it for lunch now! :) I cut mine in half, place it cut side down in a glass dish with just a little bit of water and microwave it. When on a diet, I love it with that spray butter stuff and some salt and pepper.

Momma said...

LOL. We had this for dinner last week. It is still in the fridge 'cause no one ate it but me.

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, wow. My kids would have really enjoyed seeing that. We put marshmallows in the microwave to watch them get big.

I've heard some people stick the squash with a fork a few times and bake it like a potato.

catslady said...

Sorry mom was out . I thought I told you to cut in half and put upside down on a plate, serve with spaghetti sauce or salt and pepper and lots of butter. it really is good and I know you like squash.It's also good for my precious grandkids, they have to have their veggies! love Mom

Kathryn Bonner said...

Oh my gosh!! That is how I cook! Too funny Desiree'!!! You should email this picture into Rachael Ray, maybe she will have you on her show!! Love it!
Be blessed,