The Best Gifts Ever

As I was thinking about Christmas (who isn't! even if you are trying not to), I wanted to share with you the best gifts that I could have ever been given. . . better than this or this (and no I have not ever received those two things). This might give you a brain surge of thoughts to give to your hubby or gal this Christmas.
My mom gave me this tapestry. I very rarely cry and this teared me up!! It is so true and it hangs on my wall to remind me of how important each day and each moment is on this side of Heaven.

Underneath the tapestry is a beautiful picture of my kids. My in-laws own a sign business in Little Rock and let me just say they are amazing (yes, it's a shameless plug)! They just took a regular pic of my kids and put it on some kind of backing and everyone that comes in the house sees the picture and compliments me on it. I guess I am not only thankful for my picture of my gorgeous kids, but also my very talented and giving in-laws.
Before the days of laundry and diapers came this gift. Prince JM gave this memory box to me before we were even engaged. It was filled with chocolate kisses . . . because he had made a vow to God to not kiss a girl before he was married. I like to think of it as a symbol of how many times he wanted to kiss me and didn't. :) The interesting thing that he did, or I guess didn't do, is put my last name on it. . .just my first and middle because he knew that "someday" my last name might change. hmmm. . .I think he knew there was a spark of hope even then. . .sneaky little guy.
The best gift that I have really, really ever been given was my new life in Christ. I could go into all the details of how ratty and green I was, but we all were before Christ entered the picture. What a beautiful gift to give to your friends and family this Christmas. How about it? You don't even have to spend money on that!!! Talk to that one family member who needs Christ more than ever. Do you have a friend that is lost and desperately needing new life? Do you have a neighbor who needs to know that there is hope?Be the light of hope this season. After all, tis the reason for the Season!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the timely reminder, Desiree'! It really is the things that touch our hearts that mean so much more than the pricey gifts!

Anonymous said...

Hoping to shine His light wherever I go...

Sprittibee said...

Wow. Cool that they own a sign business in Little Rock. I love Pinnacle Mountain. We enjoyed it so much while we lived there for two years. We just got back from there and are home in Texas again, but I miss the scenery and weather and great people in Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! These are truly best gifts... I love them!!