The Stinkiest Birthday Ever

I have had the plumber at my house the whole day. Big bucks later, we find out that our septic system is clogged and it needs to be drained. I promise it has barely rained more than an inch in months and today it is pouring rain. So, the plumbers and I are out most of the day in the rain looking for a place to plug in the BIG POOPY HOSE to get out all of the stinks. Just FYI, when your toilet is gurgling that means that your septic system is about to explode. It is time to call in the big kahoona. The funniest thing about the day, is that the guy in the septic system truck pulls into our yard and he has a big sign on the truck that reads, "We are #1 in the #2 business!" These are my kind of friends.

Yep, a crappy birthday it has been! But, now that it is all over it is time to POTTY. . .Did I say POTTY, I meant to say PARTY!!!! :) Love, Your 32 year old friend.

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