Help Me Rhonda!!

I am not sure who Rhonda is, but I was sure asking her for help a while ago. Yes, it is that time again. Time to decide, "What is for dinner?" Some days I just get stubborn and say I am not cooking and then we pull out some sandwich meat or scavenge for chips and dip. Tonight, I really needed to make up for lost time and I started to panic. I do that when my blood sugar gets low too. My eyes stare glassily into the fridge. My hands start the jitters. Sometimes I just lay on the couch and say there's nothing in there and my darling husband says sure there is honey, you just have to find it.

Tonight, I had one brain wave left and I moved my computer into the kitchen and got on one of my favorite websites, All Recipes. I clicked on 15 minute or less meals because that's all I can stand tonight and guess what I found. Spaghetti!!! I know it sounds ridiculous, but sometimes I can't think about the simple when I am so hungry. So the supper mystery is solved. Rhonda came to the rescue! Thanks Rhonda. Oh and by the way, just so you know . . .I googled "Help Me Rhonda" and it is by the Beach Boys. Happy Cooking!

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