Really need to be cookin supper but. . .

I thought I would catch up on my homeschoolin, demolition crew workin, coffee drinkin, kiddo lovin, almost birthday comin self!

Yeah, all about me! Isn't there a song about that? :) and a passage or two of Scripture against that. Well, you know us mom's, not a lot of time to think of yourself during the day. Anyway, homeschooling is still really fun for me. Who knows if it is fun for the student. I see glimpses of enjoyment when he is finished with his work and playing game boy in the middle of the day when most kids his age are at school standing in a line for the water fountain. (sorry for the snide comment, he will probably be back in that water fountain line next year anyway!) So, I get to use my God-given teacher passions and he gets to use his God given gaming fingers!

My darling diva was disappointed when she came home from school the first and second day and only learned the rules and did not get to do any WORK. Now, that is who I need to be homeschooling!!! :) A workin' woman! She had "the best day of her life" though today. I am not sure where she gets the drama from. Her birthday is coming up on Friday and I cannot wait to see how insane I make it! I am sure that I will post in another week or two or three after I get over the melt down of adrenaline and sugar that we all have after her "tea party."

ba di ba di ba di . . . that's all folks! Time for sup!

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