Home-schooling First Day

What a fun day I had yesterday. It started a bit rocky though. Ever since the day that I found out I was pregnant I wanted to home-school my kids. I have a teaching degree and I thought who better to teach my kids than me. Unfortunately, we have never been in a position that I would have that opportunity. When we lived in Dallas I needed to work full time to help out our family and last year was such a year of transition that I did not think it was healthy for me or my kids. This year, I have randomly selected my firstborn to spend each day with and to inflict as much knowledge on him as possible. Lucky guy!

We are testing out a really cool home school program that the public school pays for. . .lucky tax payers! It is the Arkansas Virtual Academy. We are equipped with a computer, a flat screen monitor, a printer, all of the curriculum, a school teacher that we correspond with, as well as paper, paints and tons of other equipment. As far as my lesson plans. . they are online and already spelled out for me as well as a lot of his work. It was a pretty magical day getting all of that in the mail and opening the packages. The smell of fresh paper overwhelmed my senses. My only wish is that something would have been laminated! Ah, the smell of lamination!

As you can see it was due time that I taught someone other than my cats not to potty on the floor. I think my son was sensing my excitement and got a little concerned that something had gone awry. The last few day he had seemed a little apprehensive, but yesterday when we began our day he started coppin' a tude with me. Fortunately, principal dad and former home-schooler extraordinaire was there to have a man to man conversation with my my little disciple. Pretty soon we were rockin' and rollin' through math and then on to language arts. We even had popcorn in between. I insisted he wear his best pj's to school and he thought that was pretty nifty.

Today we have a fun day of science experiments, math refreshers and I think we are going to start cursive. If there is anyone who has excellent handwriting and is worthy of teaching cursive to, it is this guy. I might post some samples of his work soon. Pretty neat stuff around this house! Truly exciting. . .

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John Mark said...

You ROCK! You're so impressive, that they don't even describe you in the Bible because the Proverbs 31 woman would have been jealous. :-)