Baseball Season

I'm working really hard this year not to embarrass the lad. I just get really in to the game. Hansel needs to win a game this year. Last year, they lost every single cotton' pickin' game except one that they tied.

They almost won last night and I am hoping that he will feel the adrenaline of winning a game soon. He is doing great. He did score last night and he is enjoying it more this year. It was getting old dragging a kid to games and practices who did not want to go. This year he has his game face on. I am proud of him and did I mention we are just a couple of days away of finishing school!!

I feel the breeze blowing my way! Have a great day all ye faithful readers. I am off to a field trip today with Gretel.

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Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Aww, very handsome is he. Your a great mom.