I Improved

My friends and I heard about a 5 K that they were having through our college to help the Children's Hospital. We decided to have this be another preliminary run to prepare ourselves for the Women Can Run Race on May 10th.

I showed up about 30 minutes early because I had not pre-registered and I needed to mentally prepare and realized that I was the only girl as well as the only non-college student that had arrived. It was a little scary there for a little while. One of the college guys asked rather sheepishly how old I was, "to give out awards accordingly." I, with my squinty eyes, graciously gave himthe young lad the answer. After all it was only ten years ago that I was a college student myself. I do feel a little older though, especially since my legs creak and crack when I work out sometimes.

Soon though, my friends did show up as well as some other ladies and I felt much better. I did not feel better as I was running up some monster hills in a local neighborhood by the college, but it was really fun.

Poor lad at the finish line got smacked in the arm when he told me my time and I had improved by four minutes in two weeks. He was quite proud of me. I think he was excited that "the old momma" did not blow chunks on him and require a defibrillator to revive me. Honestly, I was too.


katherine said...

great job on improving!

i beat you to mpm. ha!

see you in less than a week!!! :)

catslady said...

Scott said "i can't believe she didn't tell them you was 21".. You are really puttin your Mama to shame with all this exercise

catslady said...

Sorry about the wrong verb usage .

laixinjie said...

Such progress deserves tribute, come on!!By the way,I like custom baseball hats