Planting Fun

What is that growing on my pool trellis? (Please ignore the garden that has not been weeded!) GREEN BEANS! If you need something fruitful to grow like a vine. . .plant some green beans. The fun thing is that when we are swimming and we get hungry . . .there you go, a fun snack! :)This was a fun project from something I saw last summer on a farm. I made the little table from a broken fountain. I made a really bad mosaic on the top. Two chairs with flowers growing from the little mesh containers. A broken gate with a fun sign hanging. I bought the little pails at Wal Mart and planted the sweet potato vine which grows like crazy here in Arkansas.
This was my really really fun project. I guess you can figure it out. . .but this is what you do. You get a big planter and turn in upside down. Get a large round bowl and put a smaller clay planter and turn it upside down in the larger round bowl. Fill the round bowl with potting soil, flowers and greenery. Put a clay dish on top and fill it with candles or use it as a bird bath. I saw this in several magazines and I just had to make it.

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