Another Great Gift Idea

if I do say so myself!

I was visiting someone else's blog and she mentioned the sprinkles and cookie cutters. . .sorry I forgot who it was or I would link back to you. It gave me the idea to do Santa cookies for some of my friends and family.

The kit includes cookie mix, icing, sprinkles and Christmas Cookie Cutters. I am going to give them this sack of goodies so that they can make family memories and leave Santa some cookies on Christmas Eve. I might write a little poem or something to go with it if I get creative! I will update this post if that happens!

Do you think that they will like this, in lieu of making them cookies, or another gift? I would love to get your feedback on other gift ideas for friends and family! Just leave your link or comment below!


Lady Why said...

I think that's a fabulous gift idea and I just may have to do that for a few of those 'hard to find the right gift for' people in my life! Thanks for the great idea!!

Paige said...

What a great idea! And thank you for the inspiration. I will definitely be doing that for a few friends!